Making a Difference – Because Every Little Help

Updated on: 28 Mar, 2023

Every year, the Ecosmob family celebrates Christmas so this year was no different. Continuing our tradition of contributing to society and making a meaningful difference in the lives of people, we decided to celebrate Christmas as a festival of kindness with the “Joy of Giving”.

This initiative involved distributing essential products ranging from books, sports equipment, colors, craft books, toys with God’s Special Kids at Orphanage Bal Sanrakshan Gruh and Mother Teresa Orphanage. Each and every team member of Ecosmob supported this initiative wholeheartedly and donated items in big numbers.

The beautiful thing about the initiative was that ecosmobian from all teams came forward to help and support the cause in whatever way they could. This initiative also helped us realize those happiness multiples when shared with others.

On the eve of Christmas, Ecosmob team visited both these orphanages personally with a team of volunteers and distributed useful gifts. After all, what better occasion for spreading lights and transforming lives of people than Christmas.

Despite the fact that youngsters are synonymous with innocence, chastity, generosity, and happiness, each kid is simply not fortunate. Ecosmob is likewise notable for philanthropic activities, we do take an interest in helping Old Age Home, painted people in common walls to counteract littering, and Blood Donation all the time.

The evening acquired much happy making terms of recitation of rhymes and attempting a little hands on colored pencils, playing games and messing the picture books. Before we realize it was evening, time to leave our sweet little companions. All the commitment made by Ecosmob Family was equal for all little ones. On getting these treats, their satisfaction was vast. It got enormous grins their faces, which most likely will keep going for long!

The whole CSR action revived our spirits to begin New Year with ecstasy and significant vitality. We are optimistic, we would continue edifying the lives of a lot more kids in future likewise, which won’t just spread joy to kids but it will likewise enable us to keep our responsibility towards our society and community.

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