iOS 11 Portends Radical Transformations in AR (Augmented Reality) Mobile App Development

Updated on: 7 Mar, 2023
iOS 11 Portends Radical Transformations

AR has a host of applications ranging from simple gaming to office conferencing. AR is the future and iOS 11 is redefining how mobile app development will be influenced by its features. AR also helps companies interact better with customers and the rich feature set of iOS 11 will make it easier and better.

iOS app development referenced to AR is further aided with the help of iPhone X features such as true depth camera and the ability to process light data to interpret depth of field as well as machine learning features. Mobile app development will leverage features of iPhone X as well as iOS 11 to allow accuracy, embed motion tracking and deliver the best user experience. The high-resolution screen and depth feature in its camera contribute to realism further enhanced by the use of the ambient light sensor. It is easy to modify digital objects and assess a scene’s lighting for utmost realism. Couple this with iOS 11 features such as scan and sign, inline drawing, instant notes and instant markup and one can see developers taking AR implementations to greater heights of usability and flexibility. iOS is the best platform for AR and iOS application development can leverage this feature to provide apps that let viewers become part of a scene and place digital objects inside the scene. It remains for the designer to come up with quality objects with the right texture and details that can then be mapped to the ambient light sensor technology to give life-like reflections and shadows.

Of particular importance in iOS11 AR technology is the ability of gestures for basic interaction. Gestures are natural on the iPhone X and there is a very short learning curve that further enhances the appeal of iOS apps that incorporate AR. Gestures include one finger tap to choose an action, double tap to prompt zooming relevant to the content, pinch to prompt zooming actions, drag to slip things across the screen and swipe to change preferences for viewing. Development requires a proper understanding and appreciations of how iOS 11 AR and all the features of the phone can interact together.

How all these features of iOS 11 AR are implemented in IOS app development depends on the expertise and capability of the developer. To get the most fluid business app that includes AR, it is wise to choose professionals with years of experience and up to date knowledge of the latest in iOS versions and AR as well.

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