How DevOps Can Improve Customer Experience?

Updated on: 13 Mar, 2023
why is the involvement of devops essential in enhancing customer experience?

IT has become a game-changer for several industries. What was once restricted to just the physical machine later extended to networks within enterprises? However, with the Internet, IT emerged as a universal enabler. And the development of agile later and then DevOps and cloud technologies further accelerated the positive change brought about by IT. DevOps were at the forefront of bringing about this change.

The coming of agile and DevOps

With the development of the agile methodology, the concept of sprints and more outstanding communication and collaboration between developers became the focus for DevOps solution providers. It became possible to understand requirements better and accelerate solution development. The customer soon became the center of attention for everyone in the organization, and customer-centric solutions became easier to develop.

There was about to be a further leap in the customer experience, and it was to happen with the discovery of DevOps in 2007. DevOps brought the development and operations teams together in DevOps service companies. DevOps brought about greater communication and collaboration between the development and the operations teams. Processes downstream affected processes upstream and vice versa. There was shared responsibility and a better sense of ownership for everything that happened.

How does DevOps help customer experience?

Today processes in IT have made the development of technology and apps so much faster and more beneficial than before that DevOps is sacrosanct for solution development companies. And DevOps has become holy for customer service too. With an increased understanding between development and operations teams, speed and reliability were a given in any DevOps services company. Still, DevOps made it possible and continues to make it possible for brands to keep up with customers’ growing expectations. With contributions such as automation, speedy deployment, and continuous integration and deployment, DevOps has today become a fundamental foundation for all application development services in any company.

It is no easy task to delight the customer, but the continuous monitoring in DevOps makes it possible to add features and functionalities to any product developed in line with customer requests.In DevOps, you can optimize the software quickly, and both development and operations teams (downstream and upstream) can help identify the issue and suggest solutions in the company.

As a result, customers receive a complete product that meets customer requirements. And though DevOps is great by itself, adding agile to the mix makes it remarkable. A DevOps services company that has made DevOps a part of how they work scale much faster than their counterparts. They do so up to 20% faster. The faster understanding of the issue and the speed of issue resolution creates value for companies of all sizes that use DevOps.

How is DevOps improving customer service?

Customers expect only the best from your brand, and you are responsible for providing them with the best products and services. A failure to keep up with the trends and the customer’s immediate needs can lead to a tremendous loss of ROI for any company. Several companies are turning to DevOps services companies continuous integration to ensure that they remain dominant in the market to ensure higher customer satisfaction and engagement levels post solution development. Let us now look at some of the metrics DevOps helps organizations that are DevOps service providers reach over a period.

Zero Delays in Response

You interact with your customers over several channels. You need to not only provide a consistent experience across each, but you also need to ensure the timeliness of each response you share with the customer. Whether it is presales or post-sales service, one of the critical factors is the timeliness of your response to a customer’s concern. Through continuous integration, DevOps ensures that every change made to the app is without any delay and that the customer requests whatever functionality or feature arrives just in time.

Stable Environment

DevOps is about building a stable environment for developers and operations teams. Such an environment will significantly reduce the lead times and allow for more updates that are bug-free. Continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD) is at the core of DevOps, ensuring that any risks downstream in app development are highly reduced for any DevOps managed services company. The code is made available through a shared repository, and any changes made to the code, along with history and the versioning, are accessible to everyone.

Easier testing process

DevOps has several tools for testing automation. These automation tools allow developers to access a self-service portal and test the code with just the click of a button. Every issue in the code can be isolated earlier on and before the code reaches production. This is important because once the code moves downstream, it becomes difficult for operations teams to understand the code in the context in which the developer placed it. In any DevOps services company, automating the testing process saves time and costs as the operations team does not need to work on the code again and access the same tools the development team uses.

Faster delivery

Faster delivery is another advantage of DevOps. Any updates you are rolling out to the customer must be done in as little time as possible. DevOps allows a DevOps services company to follow a regular timeline due to streamlined deliveries and automated tasks. The customer knows exactly what to expect from every update, as logging happens frequently and accurately.

Competitiveness in pricing

The shorter feedback cycles, the streamlined deliveries, and the cost savings associated with automated testing than employing a person to test the code manually help make the pricing more competitive. With DevOps in application development for every services company, It is possible for companies to not only push the end product to markets faster but also reduce the price so that the volume of sales goes up. Consequently, the cost savings translates to higher ROI for the organization. It also increases the product’s popularity and brand; more customers will share their experiences through word of mouth and reviews.

Closing Words

DevOps is a centerpiece of IT application development in any DevOps services company. Together with agile methodologies, it continues to inspire advancements around similar concepts not just in IT but in other industries as well. In IT, it has helped improve the customer experience by reducing turnaround times for responses and the time-to-market. Perhaps the most significant achievement of DevOps for a DevOps solution provider is its cost-effectiveness, which has made software affordable and probably even the customers. This allows companies that develop closed-source or proprietary software to compete with open-source companies and levels the playing field to some extent. What is the benefit of all this? The customer is spoilt for choice and has more options today for his business needs than he would have in the earlier days of siloed app development. Updates and features also reach the customer regularly for any app he picks if it has relied on the principles set out in DevOps. And, of course, the most important thing is the bug-free experience that one has come to expect from DevOps consulting services companies like Ecosmob.

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