Hosted IP PBX Solution: Perfect Communication Solution For Small to Mid-sized Businesses

Updated on: 16 Jun, 2023
Hosted IP PBX Solution

The PBX solution switches the calls between the local lines. At the same time, allows sharing the external telephone line. This reduces the telecommunication cost of the company. The modern PBX solutions also bundle many more advanced features, which benefit the operations of the company and reduces communication cost.

We offer an advanced IP PBX solution developed by experienced VoIP developers. It has all the basic to advanced features an organization needs to communicate effectively. Our multi-tenant PBX solution has benefited many startups and mid-sized companies with its client-centric features. The key benefits of the Hosted IP PBX solution are listed below:

Remove Bulky Hardware and Other Related Add-ons

A multi-tenant PBX system is an IP-based PBX software. Its features are accessible via a web client. So it eliminates all the bulky hardware, wiring, and heavy software from the premises. One only needs a server to install the software. Once the software is deployed on the server, it is up and running. One may take benefit from all the features.

Reduced Maintenance Cost

It eliminates all unnecessary hardware and manpower to maintain it. It reduces the maintenance cost by 90% compared to the traditional PBX or other telecommunication alternatives.

Easy Management and Usage

Our Hosted PBX system has a very clean and tidy user interface with smooth navigation and understandable labels. Anyone can easily use and manage it. Usually, a person handling the network or the admin department of the company takes care of it and manages it swiftly.

Easy To Upgrade

It is very easy to enhance functionality. When a small or mid-sized company grows and feels to increase the number of channels or any other functionality, it can be done very easily. This also benefits an organization by paying only for the required number of channels at the moment and when the requirement increases, more channels can be added by paying the additional cost for them. So the company doesn’t need to invest in something they don’t need at the moment.

One-Time Investment and Lifetime Benefits

This is free from deterioration. It can work with the same quality for years. Thus, the company needs to invest only once and leverage the benefits from the PBX as long as they want.

We offer a free demo of Hosted IP PBX Solution. The clients can experience the solution and then decide to buy it. To book your demo, drop an email at

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