Factors To Consider Before You Hire FreeSwitch Developers

Updated on: 27 Jun, 2023
Hire FreeSwitch developers

FreeSwitch development is perfect for concurrently building any solution that handles thousands of calls per second. Also, it is good at developing wholesale or multi-tenant VoIP solutions. The demand for them is high: if you want to hire FreeSwitch developers, be prepared to compete for the talent.

As we know, the significant areas of strength for qualified talent are the foundation of any technology-based business. If you’re a startup or even a Fortune company, you need a group of talented developers who will convey the most effective outcomes. This blog will walk you through the precious tips you must know before hiring FreeSwitch programmers for your project. But before that, let’s see what FreeSwitch is and who FreeSwitch Developers are.

Overview of FreeSwitch

FreeSwitch is an open-source project for real-time communications, VOIP, and Video. It runs on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and macOS. PBX systems, video conferences with chat and screen sharing, IVR services, Session Border Controller (SBC), wholesale least-cost routing, and embedded communication appliances are all built using it. It fully supports DTLS, ZRTP, encryption, and SIPS. There are several benefits of using FreeSwitch development solutions.

Who Are FreeSwitch Developers?

A FreeSwitch developer is a highly-skilled technical professional who knows how to work with numerous web application platforms. They might quickly implement new technologies concerning the project’s requirements. However, expert FreeSwitch developers for hire are challenging. A FreeSwitch developer should be able to build a website or app from the ground up.

Hacks One Must Know When You Need to Hire FreeSwitch Specialist

Below, I have listed the significant points to take care of when you are going to hire FreeSwitch programmers.

Find the Right Candidate

The first step is to find the right candidate by analyzing their qualifications, past work experience, technical expertise, and other prerequisites to get better results from the best developers in the market. All these ultimately result in successful project delivery with the right team of FreeSwitch developers.


After receiving the resumes, it’s time to hire FreeSwitch experts. Screen and shortlist CVs matching your project idea or the factors meeting your requirements. Select the best developer on that basis and proceed further.


Now pops up as the critical part of the process. Here, you take the direct interview of the developers and get to know them better. Check their technical expertise in addition to their soft skills because mobile app development is just a long-running process, where good behavior can also be vital.

If possible, also ask the developers to exhibit the projects they’ve labored on earlier. It provides you with an improved comprehension of their seasoned level and ensures that the project is in safe hands.

Check Reviews

After reviewing the developers in more detail, it’s time for you to collect their feedback from their previous clients. You will find them easily inside their portfolio to connect and know their performance score. There are also developers’ reviews on different forums, which is essential and avoids possible future conflicts when hiring FreeSwitch Programmers.

Discuss the Development Methodology

It would be best to discuss the development methodology before you hire a FreeSwitch programmer because the development prospect is one of the essential factors. The methodology notion keeps the process dependable while making it easier to track progress. FreeSwitch developers frequently implement agile methods.

Fresh Code

The main component of the development cycle is coding. It affects many variables, including app maintenance and performance. Always be sure to take thorough interviews with the developers so that the developers can develop clear and simple coding for your project.

Sign Contract

Once you know that you have the right developer and have to hire a FreeSwitch specialist for your project, it’s time to sign the contract to secure project confidentiality. By signing the contract, you can legally save your project and other details. Also, mention the project timing and bond period; it will ensure business continuity.

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Significant Factors To Consider While Hiring FreeSwitch Developers

It’s time to look into the factors that distinguish the top FreeSwitch developers in the market after learning about the FreeSwitch developer recruiting procedures. The main factors you must remember when hiring FreeSwitch developers are mentioned below.

Experienced Developers

Experience is not only derived through years of employment but also from the information developers acquire while working on various projects in many specialized fields. Hiring FreeSwitch Experts with 5-7 years of experience is considered a superior option. They can produce excellent results and match your expectations.

Plan programming events

One of the essential last phases in the search for the best FreeSwitch developer for your project is pair programming. The technical interviewer interacts with the candidate throughout this session in the online test. Pair programming sessions enable the technical interviewer to give applicants a real-time development environment while evaluating their abilities. It lets you assess the candidate’s coding skills and knowledge to cooperate with the internal technical team.

Relevant Coding Test

While implementing the coding test, you must consider that the test needs to be brief, say, 10 to 15 minutes. Alternatively, the test needs to plan with the project requirement’s complexity in mind. Depending on the requirements of your profession, you can choose between an entry-level algorithm and an advanced debugging exam. Designing a test that evaluates the developers’ analytical and numerical abilities is always an excellent idea. You can assess the candidates’ skills using test scenarios, which would be helpful.

Never disregard soft talents

Miscommunication can seriously hinder the progress of your project. To avoid a project standstill, you must thus assess the soft skills of the candidates. When hiring a FreeSwitch developer, you should look for critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Wrapping Up

If you want to hire FreeSwitch developers, a business first needs to be clear in your mind. Otherwise, it will become a complex process. The FreeSwitch app development framework is one of the best for cross-platform app development. Thus, the companies should consider experience, technical skills, location, etc., before hiring the FreeSwitch app developer.

Moreover, if you face difficulties, contacting us is always advisable. We will answer your queries and guide you through the tips you must know before hiring a FreeSwitch developer.

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