Ecosmob Can Show Easy Ways to Use MVNO Billing Solutions

Updated on: 15 Mar, 2023
MVNO Billing Solutions

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) are popular in some parts of the world, especially the US, where they are preferred for affordability or better services. They offer prepaid and postpaid plans to their subscribers. Billing is crucial to the financial health of MVNOs since they must pay a part of earnings to the MVNE or carrier and fix rates that are competitive and yet have sufficient room for profits. Billing integration is crucial and this is one area in which Ecosmob can assist MVNOs.

Established Expertise in Telecom

Ecosmob has demonstrated competence in providing solutions to telecom operators in the form of class 4/5 soft switches and session border controllers. Ecosmob’s smart SBC includes billing, analytics, and least cost routing among others. This can be implemented straightaway into an MVNO’s infrastructure if it has its own network to make it easier to manage, monitor, and account calls. However, if it uses the carrier’s infrastructure and relies on software for management and billing, Ecosmob has other ways it can help MVNOs optimize financial health with its expertise in MVNO billing solutions.

Seamless integration

Billing is not a separate module. It must integrate with usage metering, with CRM to deliver a better customer experience, and with IVR to let customers find out details as well as make payments. Ecosmob integrates CRM and smart IVR as well as IVR payment gateways into the billing systems in addition to linking it with subscriber usage metering. For prepaid customers Ecosmob integrates recharges that can be done online as well as coupon systems. Ecosmob’s expertise in integration assures zero errors in subscriber billing. In addition, the billing and metering crosslinks with the carrier that provides the service to the MVNO. This allows usage CDRs to become the basis for report generation for cross-checking and tallying so that discrepancies can be identified.


Ecosmob develops and implements modules such as product catalogs, customer management modules, service provisioning, and real-time charging as well as CDR file mediation. There are others too:

– Flexible options for OTT services that have their own infrastructure and thin MVNOs as well as full MVNOs
– Branch billing
– Provisioning for value-added services like SMS, video, fax over IP
– Flexibility to set rates for different customers such as retail and big businesses
– SIM inventory, real-time balance top-ups, recurring charging for prepaid section
– Repository of subscriber data, voice call switching, and data switching integrations
– Custom provisioning of each customer
– Multiple currency support and tax support
– Full support to progress to becoming an MVNE
– Modules for 3G, 4G, and 5G

If you already operate MVNO services or plan to enter this profitable segment you will find Ecosmob the perfect partner to assist with the implementation of the infrastructure, especially the billing part which is so crucial for the cash flow and health of the business. Ecosmob already serves the telecom carrier and VoIP service provider segments with the full suite of services and as such it has the experience and knowledge of billing for profits as well as customer retention.

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