Developing Kiosk Solutions for Hospitals – Benefits of Kiosk Self Service

Updated on: 1 Mar, 2023
kiosk solutions for hospitals

Services and patient satisfaction are gaining traction in healthcare services. Large hospitals with huge inrush of patients during peak hours find themselves short-handed. Patients have to wait and this often leads to a negative image of services. The modern and simple solution is for hospitals to deploy self-service kiosks.

Custom kiosks for hospitals

The needs of hospitals vary so a standard solution rarely fits the bill. Custom kiosk solution development by specialists in kiosk software development like Ecosmob can deliver a system that addresses all needs and results in tangible benefits. Custom hospital kiosk solution may be modular in structure and all-encompassing to address other areas of hospital operations or it can be focused solely on patient services. Kiosk solutions may cover:

– Patient check-in, registration, payments
– Employee attendance and self-service
– Vendors
– Doctors and visiting consultants section
– Map of the hospital for ease of navigation

A hospital may wish to prioritize the patient module while leaving the way open for further inclusion of other modules. This is possible when you tie up with the right kiosk solution vendor who would recommend features for inclusion in the module in consultation with key personnel of the hospital.

Typical self-service kiosk features

A patient self-service module of hospital kiosks would:

– Allow new patients to enter information on a touchscreen or a touchscreen with a keyboard, making selections from a menu and picking the right choices. The software queues the patient and messages relevant personnel for suitable action such as X-rays, blood tests or a consultation with a doctor.
– Patients may use the hospital map to make their way quickly to the designated area.
– Patients may pick points from a body image to indicate their issues.
– Registered patients may use a kiosk to fix an appointment and be queued with an on-the-spot confirmation.
– Patients may make use of the kiosk to know more about illnesses, therapies, and medications.
– The kiosk may have a section for emergency requirements.

That is the front end. Critical to ease of use, security and speed is kiosk solution development.

– Typically, the kiosk is tied to a server and it may also have a ticket printing facility
– Point of call software to handle inputs without errors and direct appropriate requests to concerned staff members or the department
– Security and fail-safe features
– Control, analytics, and reports in the background for administrators
– Porting to accounts and database

It can be taken a step further by endowing the software with a measure of artificial intelligence in being able to recognize symptoms and assign the case to a specific specialist.

How does a hospital benefit from installing kiosk solutions? The benefits can be far-ranging:

– Patients do not need to stand in a queue – a boon for those who are old or ill.
– It takes time for paperwork to move – electronic data moves fast to the right person
– Load on counter staff is reduced and they can handle more productive tasks.
– Hospitals may find they do not need to employ more people just to handle patients and they save money in the long term.
– Satisfied patients give positive reviews and are likely to return
– Greater transparency, monitoring, and centralized controls
– Database and reports that can help hospitals further refine services.
– Hospitals can use kiosks to push value-added services and enhance revenues.

Ecosmob custom kiosk development for hospitals is HIPPA/HL7 compliant and can be architected to work the way the client hospital needs it.

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