Broadcasting Solution: Powerful Tool for Lead Nurturing

Updated on: 21 Oct, 2022
Broadcasting Solution

For any business, belongs to any industry, one of the crucial aspects of sustainability and growth is to gain new leads and nurture existing leads. Generally, it has been witnessed that the businesses succeed to acquire new leads, but somewhere somehow ignore the lead nurturing. Whilst it is a known fact that if you get succeeded in the lead nurturing, then you will not only get the repeat business, but will also get the reference leads. The broadcasting solution can work as a great lead nurturing tool.

Send Greetings

Everyone appreciates greetings. So do your clients. Using the broadcasting solution, you can send the greetings on different occasions to your clients. This greeting can be for their birthday, Christmas, New Year or any other occasion. In fact, using the broadcasting solution you don’t even need to remember all these. Just schedule the broadcasting campaign and you are done with it. To make it more appealing send the voice message in your own voice using a voice broadcasting solution.

Ask for feedback or opinion

Everyone likes to give the suggestions and opinion about something. If you are going to launch something, ask for the opinion of your clients. Also, send occasional broadcasting message to take feedback about your new product or what can be improvised. This will not only make them feel valued, but also give you the points where you can improve to gain more clients and retain them. This will also help you to make your services, solutions and products more customer centric. This can be easily done using the broadcasting solution which comes with the IVR functionality.

Send Promotional Message or Ask for Reference

It is always good to keep your existing clients updated about your other products and solutions. However, make sure that it is about cross selling and upselling. Don’t sell anything which is not relevant to him. Make the message short and crisp and give him a clear call to action so he can get back to you if he is interested. You can also ask him to refer to someone who might be looking for the similar services.
These are a few ways and there can be many to nurture the leads. The only thing to bear in mind is do not irritate them with so many broadcasting messages. Be strategic!
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