Virtual Personal Assistants Creation Using Artificial Intelligence

Updated on: 27 Oct, 2022

The age of virtual personal assistants is gaining traction. Individuals are already familiar with Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant and Amazon’s Echo. Cortana in Microsoft Windows 10 is another example that lets users input voice commands to have the assistant carry out various basic functions like reminders, searching the web and playing a music track.

Virtual assistant areas


The world of business needs artificial intelligence powered virtual personal assistants of another kind, with more capabilities. Some of the few areas where AI virtual assistants can prove invaluable:

Calculations: Executives who are busy with one task or in a meeting may need access to figures and this is one area where a virtual assistant can deliver results. Sophisticated artificial intelligence development services can come up with virtual personal assistants capable of even smart analytics by accessing data and give figures of sales volume, shipments and percentages.

Dictation: A busy executive may find it a chore to type in data or call in a human assistant. AI virtual assistants can take dictation in the language of your choice and have it converted it to text. Speak a command and you get a printout.

Replenishing stocks: Production staff may not need to enter quantities to order out. Personal virtual assistants with artificial intelligence monitor inventory levels and place an order on designated suppliers.

Scheduling: Your virtual assistant can shine, compared to a human, especially if your calendar is full. The assistant fixes meetings by analyzing your free time and that of the person or persons and then remind you as well. The same applies for to do lists you can speak and have the VA carry it out or just remind you.

Travel arrangements: From ordering a taxi to booking a flight or hotel room, your virtual assistance does it all.

Creating virtual assistance with AI


The needs of each enterprise vary and therefore, using standard virtual assistants will give you only limited functionality. The best thing to do is to call in experts in artificial intelligence development to come up with solutions that are practical, easy to use and effective. It is possible to have your IT personnel create assistants with tools such as, tensorflow, Amazon AI, Clarifai,, IBM Watson and Melissa to name a few but then AI also involves a degree of machine learning that only experienced AI professionals with broader experience can handle. The availability of these tools does mean that development cost reduces and speed improves but what you get out of it depends on the skills of your developer of artificial intelligence based virtual assistants. One criterion is that the assistant should be able to make decisions. Data processing is another and the more sophistication you need, the more skilled the developer needs to be. Ecosmob adopts a customer-centric approach to AI Virtual Assistant development to deliver superior solutions at low cost, bringing AI within the reach of businesses of all sizes worldwide.

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