Mobile Dialer And Its Popularity Reasons

Updated on: 5 Jul, 2023
Mobile Dialer
Mobile applications are getting popular among users. People use different mobile applications based on their requirements. At the same time, communication solutions offered using VoIP technology are also getting really popular among users. A perfect blend of these two trending technologies, VoIP and mobile application, can be witnessed in the solution called, Mobile Dialer Application
The mobile dialer application is also known as the SIP dialer app as it uses SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) to conduct calls. To be specific and to make it easy to understand, VoIP mobile dialer is a mobile application that can be used to make and receive calls using VoIP. The mobile dialer application can be developed for different mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc.
The mobile dialer application offers many benefits which made it so popular among the users. Some of the key benefits are listed hereunder:

Cost Benefits

The most alluring benefit of the mobile dialer application is the cost benefits it offers. This solution enables the SIP to SIP call, which is very much cheaper compared to traditional calling. In fact, the SIP dialer to SIP dialer calling is absolutely free. International calling using the SIP dialer is quite cheaper. This is one of the major reasons for the popularity of mobile dialer applications.


The mobile dialer app offers a greater level of flexibility and mobility because it is an application installed on the smartphones of the users. The user may use it at any time, from anywhere.

Advanced Communication Features

The mobile dialer application offers advanced communication features compared to the conventional telecommunication. Some of the features are listed hereunder:
  • Audio calling
  • Video calling
  • Phonebook
  • 3-way conference
  • Account balance information
  • Call history
  • File sharing
  • Image sharing
  • And many more

These are the top 3 key attractions of a mobile dialer application. It offers many such benefits to the users. Corporate companies can get the white label mobile dialer application development. The white-label application has the theme and logo of the company, which offers Branding benefits to that company.

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