Laravel Framework- An Ideal Solution For App Development Projects

Updated on: 1 Mar, 2023
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In today’s time, Laravel has become one of the top-notch frameworks for developing custom software solutions. The Laravel development services have taken the PHP community to the next level. Most developers throughout the world prefer the Laravel framework for web app development projects. The key reason is that the framework eases the common tasks used in most web development projects like routing, sessions, authentication, etc. 

What is Laravel Framework?

Well, Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that comprises expressive and elegant syntax. The framework was originally developed by Taylor Otwell in the year 2011. It was created with the intent to introduce functions such as authorization and authentication which were missing in Codelgniter (a popular framework that was in use before Laravel). Since the release of Laravel, almost eight versions of this framework have been published. With every release, the Laravel framework is getting much better and robust. 

Laravel framework follows an MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern. Due to its ease of use and unique functionality, a number of developers throughout the world use it as their first choice for web app development. With the help of Laravel, the developers can easily and quickly develop the applications without compromising on the application functionality. The framework facilitates all the necessary and powerful tools that are essential to build robust applications. Moreover, Laravel offers a rich set of features that helps to boost the speed of web development. 

Why Choose Laravel Framework for Application Development?

Some of the key reasons to use the Laravel framework include:

    • Built-in Template Engine: The Laravel framework is widely popular for its built-in lightweight templates. These templates can be utilized efficiently to develop visually appealing layouts. Laravel templates are best suitable for creating simple as well as complex layouts based on the project requirements.
    • MVC Design Support: As mentioned above, the Laravel framework follows an MVC or Model View Controller design/architecture pattern. This design pattern helps to separate domain/business/application logic from the rest of the UI (User Interface). As the name suggests, the separation process of applications is performed in three parts- the model, the view, and the controller. The MVC design pattern comes with numerous built-in functions that help in enhancing application performance while assuring increased security and scalability. 
    • Facilitate Eloquent ORM: ORM or Object Relational Mapping is the ability to write queries using the object-oriented paradigm of any preferred programming language. As compared to other PHP frameworks, an ORM is quite faster. Thus, the Eloquent ORM (Object Relational Mapping) feature of the Laravel framework allows developers to write database queries using PHP syntax instead of writing SQL code. 
    • Assures Enhanced Security: Developing any web application using Laravel framework assures utmost security, thus prevents various web attacks. The framework utilizes hashed and salted password mechanisms. With this mechanism, the password cannot be saved as plain text in the database. The Laravel framework also uses the Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm for the purpose of generating an encrypted password. Besides, the framework also uses prepared SQL statements that eliminate the chances of SQL injection attacks. 
    • Artisan: Artisan is a built-in command-line tool of the Laravel framework. It offers various helpful commands for the developers while developing an application. The tool helps to automate most of the repetitive and boring programming tasks. The artisans can also be used to create the database structure and to manage migration. With the help of artisans, the developers can even create their own commands and use them as and when required in the process of web app development. 
  • Easy Integration with Mail Services: In today’s time, mail services have emerged as an important part of each web application. Laravel is an ideal solution that facilitates integration with mail services. The feature allows users to receive instant notifications after the completion of every process. For instance, the users will get a notification after they register successfully on a particular website. Laravel framework also supports sending mail via local as well as cloud-based services. 
  • Automation Testing: Manual testing is comparatively more time-consuming and requires a lot of effort and may not provide the desired results. Laravel framework comprises a robust mechanism for automation testing. The framework offers the support for testing with the PHP Unit along with a pre-set phpunit.xml file. It makes the testing process much easier, less time-consuming, and more accurate. With Laravel, the end-users can be assured of a bug-free application. 


With so many benefits of utilizing Laravel, it would be right to say that this framework has its charm. It is the best and useful framework for developing fully functional and dynamic web applications. If you are planning to use the Laravel framework for your next project, make sure to choose a professional Laravel Development Company with years of experience in developing customized solutions as per the business requirements.

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