iOS 8: Mobile Platform for Businesses And Enterprises

Updated on: 2 Nov, 2022
iOS 8

People are fast moving towards the technological progress. The high tidal wave in upward direction is gauged in the mobile industry. According to the results of a survey, out of 4 billion mobile phones 1.75 billion phones are smartphones. People want everything at their fingertips. This customer behavior is finely identified by the business minds, which resulted in the innovative mobile applications.

The app stores are flooded with the multiple simple to complex applications. In this overwhelming app pool, the iOS platform is winning the heart of the professionals with its seamless support and features. Even if 80% of the global market is covered by the Android platform, more than 68% business professionals prefer iOS as their mobile platform. Why? Well, it is just because of the ample benefits it offers. Let’s dive into brief details to clear this point evidently.

Extra Support for Security

If you ask any IT manager or a CIO of any large organization about his biggest threats. He might answer after wiping his cold sweat, Security Breaches and Data Center Meltdowns. The iOS have radically address these issues by adding the sophisticated features in their OS to make the security and control of the data easier. In fact, the iOS have always been strict about the data sharing and protection. After the launch of iOS 7, it has consolidated this issue, which is more strengthened after the launch announcement of iOS 8. In fact, the announcement was made that after 2015, Apple will only accept the apps belongs to iOS 8 platforms only to ensure the highest level of security.

Innovations Brought Together

In iOS 8, the Apple has combined the big data and analytics together to offer the most innovative features to the business class users.

MDM (Mobile Data Management Tools)

The Apple has added many MDM hooks in its OS to empower the IT managers to control the device configurations and keep track of their deployed fleets. Using this tool, the IT heads can set the BYOD policies based on custom requirements and also configure the device name and other restrictions.

Apart from this high-tech benefits of iOS 8 for large enterprises, there are many more, which must get listed in this article are:

  • The apple mobile OS is highly compatible with the BYOD policies, which offer all the related benefits to the CIOs and other business professionals.
  • It offers the attractive UI, which makes the operation seamless.
  • It provides the iCloud drive to share and access the documents remotely. The IT heads can also set up the security restrictions to open the docs.

Moreover, if you have a business app for your product or company, you will be able to reach the more affluent smartphone users. The iOS is highly customizable, and support the custom applications to add value to its user’s life. The custom iOS application can get you more exposure and many business benefits. Why don’t you drop a message, at, and know more how we can help you to reach your target audience or empower your staff with our iOS app development services?

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