How to Become a Qualified Python Developer to offer Python Development Services?

Updated on: 11 Jul, 2023
Hire a Python Developer

Python is one of the most popular programming languages. It has been in more demand than other languages for various purposes, including web development, apps development, machine learning, etc., which has, in turn, increased the demand for skilled developers a lot. But the companies do not prefer to hire python developers who have only basic knowledge of python. The companies expect to hire someone having in-depth knowledge and information about their roles and responsibilities.

So, how can you get yourself qualified to offer your python development services? To answer that question, let’s understand a bit about it.

Python is a high-level language used to develop various apps, websites, machine learning, etc.

Uses of Python

Python is used for different purposes. Some of those purposes are:

· Web development

· App development

· Game development

· Data science

· Machine learning, etc.

Features of Python

The following are the feature of the python language:

· Open source, free to use

· Easy to learn

· GUI programming support

· High level and portable

· Integrated and interpreted

· Huge standard library support

Even though python developers are in great demand, the companies are looking to hire python developers who have certain skills and knowledge of roles and responsibilities they are supposed to carry out.

Python developers: Who are they?

A Python developer can be any developer, analyst, scientist, or engineer with in-depth knowledge of the python language. The role is offered as per the requirement of the project.

How can I become a python developer?

To become a python developer and offer your python development services, you should inherit certain skills and knowledge. Some of those things that can help you in achieving your goal are:

· Get a GitHub repository built.

· Build codes that can be read easily, have proper documentation, and follow proper standards.

· Seek information from some good tech books.

· Increase knowledge about python libraries.

· Good working knowledge of AI and ML.

· Work as a freelancer to build experience.

· Contribute to the open-source community.

· Keep your profile updated to the newest important platforms.

· Take the help of online tutorials to develop your skills further.

· Have a good hold on python framework, ORM libraries, and front end technologies

The job description of a python developer

Every company taking python development services from a developer expects them to know their roles and responsibilities. So, below are the roles and responsibilities you are expected to be familiar with:


· Be efficient in your work. And write codes that can be reused and tested.

· Understanding business needs, making changes as per request, and converting them into software components.

· Integrating user-oriented elements into a different application

· Developing high-performance backend components for highly responsive web application

· Designing and implementing data protection and security features

· Tuning and automation of application

· Testing and debugging software application

· Enhancing functions

· Digital tools for online traffic

· Working with libraries

· Creating predictive models

· Know the latest trends and technology

· Develop AL/ML-based algorithms

Skill Sets

· Technical Skills-

o Python frameworks

o Web frameworks and RESTful APIs

o Core Python fundamentals and programming

o Code packaging, release, and deployment

o Database knowledge

o Circles, conditional and control statements

o Object-relational mapping

o Server-side languages

o Code versioning tools

o Front-end technologies

o AI, ML, Deep Learning, Version Control, Neural networking

o Data visualization, statistics, data analytics

o Design principles for a scalable app

o Creating predictive models

o Libraries

o Multi-process architecture

o Basic knowledge about ORM libraries

o Ability to integrate databases and various data sources into a unified system

o Testing and debugging capabilities

o Ability to integrate databases and various data sources into a unified system

Soft Skills-

o Effective communication skills

o Good analytical skills

o Competence

o Data analytical, thinking, and troubleshooting skills.

o Strong problem solving

o Capability to solve complex technical issues

o Collaboration and team-orientation

o Task organization, time management, and project management

o Creative, original, and out of the box thinking

Wrapping up

The companies are rapidly looking to hire python developers for various purposes, but not without the right skillset. Learn the necessary technology, add it to your resume, and get ready to provide good python development services.

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