Ecosmob Launch Face Recognition Solution For Governments and Businesses

Ecosmob Launch Face Recognition Solution For Governments and Businesses

Ecosmob, right at the top in AI and ML development, announce the availability of face recognition solution. Facial recognition, claimed the VP, offers a number of advantages for security and authentication as well as in other areas like fraud prevention and law enforcement.

Ecosmob goes beyond the simple in its facial recognition solution. There are underlying sophisticated algorithms coupled with machine learning techniques to factor in a variety of permutations and combinations. “We use sophisticated algorithms to map features and, in addition, factor in all possible changes due to lighting, view angles and emotions for pin-point accuracy. It can also factor in effects of ageing, a prized characteristic when tracing missing children or adults over a period of several years. Users can also implement several what-if scenarios such as changes due to plastic surgery or changes to hair and eyes in order to arrive at a very accurate estimate. Users are guaranteed protection against face spoofing and access to video support as well as face analytics.

Facial recognition, said the VP, is essential and indispensable in various scenarios. For instance, it can be used to take on record face records of students and use the same as authenticating base when students appear for students or apply for loans or admission. This will do away with malpractices such as one student registering for an exam and another one appearing instead.

Face detection systems can be used for authenticating genuine employees and permitting access to specific work areas or records. Ecosmob offers versatile solutions for face detection and authentication.

Crime and law enforcement benefit greatly with Ecosmob’s face recognition software. The software can use its algorithms to enhance blurry or dark photos and bring out facial features in sharp focus, enabling identification of individuals leading to timely action.

Governments can simplify benefit disbursal to the needy through facial recognition, doing away with cumbersome paper documents and working around the fact that illiterate laborers may move from one corner of the country to another. With facial recognition their entitlements do not cease on change of location.

The best thing about Ecosmob’s face detection system is that the software can reside in a central server and it can be accessed by remote authorized users with no noticeable loss of speed. This permits better security and also access to centralized database. The software incorporates end-to-end encryption.

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