IT Staff Augmentation Services We Offer

Ecosmob provides the opportunity to hire highly dedicated developers for varied project needs. Businesses can choose developer’s as per their project requirements.

Our Achievements

Why choose us?

As a company, built and run by technologists, we understand knowledge can give an unmatched edge. For over 14 years,

Ecosmob has been helping companies to meet their exact project needs with exceptional IT experts who bring technology and market know-how together with solid experience.

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    Expertise in setting up fault-tolerant and highly scalable solutions
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    Expertise in securing the platform
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    Proficiency in developing SIP proxy using OpenSIPS & Kamailio
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    Knowledge of SIP, SDP, RTP, SRTP, WebRTC, STIR/SHAKEN protocols
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    Experts for building and customizing FreeSWITCH & Asterisk modules
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    Ability to integrate with a plethora of 3rd party solutions

Our Global Clients

We’ve been helping over XX companies in XX countries get maximum RoI with our staff augmentation services.

What Is IT Staff Augmentation?

Most efficient solution to meet diverse IT talent needs

Staff augmentation services in IT is the engagement of external experts on a short or long- term basis to augment the capacity of the team as per the need. It helps an organization balance operational and growth needs with the right talent in the most efficient way. Staff augmentation solutions allow enterprises to add the right talent to their teams, based on the skill requirements of their projects.

Hiring dedicated IT resources who can fill the knowledge gap immediately and become productive from Day 1 gives an unparalleled advantage. Not only does it provide the flexibility to access specialized skills of highly qualified resources, but also cuts down the organizational and administrative hassle of temporary or permanent IT hires. Staff augmentation services enable enterprises to save costs, deliver projects on time, and become future-ready with a skilled workforce.

Benefit from highly-qualified and experienced IT brains

Get the top IT experts on board, endorsed by Ecosmob’s global clients to meet specific technical talent needs or specialist programmer and developer skills, on-demand.

Meet your IT talent needs

Hire professionals who have specialized skill sets to complete a particular project.

Scale up or pare down quickly

Roll out projects or adapt to changing IT talent requirements and expertise.

Focus on your core competencies

You can entirely focus on your core business and leave the rest to experts.

Assure higher productivity

Improve the software development life cycle (SDLC) with right augmentation.

Expand right with a diverse team

Diversity opens the door to innovation with the team becoming a melting pot of ideas.

Save time and money

Cut down on round-the-year costs staff augmentation supported contractual staffing.

Our Success Stories.

Know how Ecosmob has been helping clients for over a decade worldwide to meet their IT talent needs effectively with Staff  Augmentation services.


Dedicated IT experts working with clients as part of the IT staff augmentation services will hold the same level of responsibility as a senior staff member at your organization. They will follow the guidelines set forth by your company, and will primarily serve to support your organization on-site or remote, based on your preference.

The IT talent works in your team as an additional hire and has direct interaction with your team members. You have direct control on the resource, thus the associated risks of a possible negative outcome lie with the client. 

In the outsourcing model, you assign outsourced developers for a specific outcome, while sharing the risks with your outsourcing vendor. Also, the level of control is lower with outsourcing.

Ecosmob’s resources are selected after careful assessment,  and a stringent vetting process to ensure only the most qualified IT professionals work on your projects. Our IT talent have experience solving the toughest of IT challenges to take the project to the logical end.

Consider the points listed above. If any of these (especially more than 1) apply to your organization, you will likely require IT staff augmentation. While you may be unsure of whether augmented staff will have an impact over an internal hire, it is often in the company’s best interest to go with the tried-and-tested specialists selected by Ecosmob.

We have three types of pricing and hiring models that one can pick based on the needs.  

  • Dedicated developer:  billed on a monthly basis (160 hours a month or 8 hours a day; 5 days a week)
  • On-demand developer hire: hourly basis  (hours per month)

To ensure accuracy in billing, we use time tracking tools. Upon receiving the requirement for IT staff augmentation from you, we will evaluate and share detailed estimates including, time, cost, and a probable roadmap to achieve the project deliverables.

Yes. You can hire dedicated remote developers from Ecosmob to work according to your time zone (EST/PST/CST/MST), project deadline and milestone.