Three Reasons why Android App Development is Useful for Media Industry

Updated on: 1 Mar, 2023

Today, the business world is thriving amid ever-changing requirements and mounting challenges. In this rapidly changing scenario, every industry requires to embrace mobility to remain firm in competition, and media industry is no exception! But then, the question arises: Which platform is to be targeted for leveraging all the benefits of mobility. The answer to this question is obviously Android, which has a whopping 88 percent of market share of the global mobile OS market. Even in the US, where Apple is highly popular, Android OS enjoys over 52 percent market share of the mobile OS market. When it comes to the media industry, Android app development can play a vital role in thriving the industry through strengthening B2C models and joining more and more people through an engaging and interactive application.

Businesspersons may argue that it may cost more to develop and deploy an Android app that can seamlessly work on various devices, but a customized Android application offers a plethora of benefits that ultimately help business persons to increase RoI (Return on Investment) significantly. As an entrepreneur of a media company, you always try to connect with people directly while facilitating them to access all the information on the move. With an Android application, you can post a constant flow of new articles, podcasts, videos, and other interactive data on a 24/7 basis. What’s more, you can notify the audience of social engagement like shares, comments, etc. It further engages the audience and encourages people to join in the conversation. In a way, you can enhance the brand value and your presence in the media sector.

Here are three big aspects through which Android application development can assist media industry :

  • Business to Business (B2B)

A tailored Android app enables you to connect with your employees and stakeholders to get real-time information, feedback, news, etc. You can also enhance flexibility and improve the productivity of your business through bespoke Android app solutions.

  • Business to Consumer (B2C)

You can personalize content for the users and distribute the same among the targeted audiences through customized Android app. You can also send push notifications and alerts right away to the consumers through an application. What’s more, you can offer better user experience through an app and integrate ad modules with ease. In a way, Android app designed for a media industry can help you develop a B2C model.

  • Publishing

Content sharing and publishing are two key factors for the media industry. A media industry-focused Android app has social media integration to serve the sharing objective. You can also integrate tools helpful for the designers, developers, and reporters to assist your publishing staff in generating the news story on the move.

Apart from these three aspects, there are several ways through which the media company can monetize apps. In-app advertising or taking money for the initial download are some of the options for earning revenues from a customized app. You can also opt for a recurring subscription cost after allowing a free download.

There is no exaggeration in mentioning that Android app development services can offer a lot of benefits to the media industry. If you’re a media person and want to get the most from a thriving mobile platform, feel free to contact us at

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