How to Hire the Right Android Developers

Updated on: 1 Feb, 2022
How to Hire the Right Android Developers

Hiring the right candidate for a project is a painstaking task. As you might need the developer for a long-term project, hiring the right candidate is crucial. The market for Android developers is vast, and it can be challenging to pinpoint the right programmers to meet your specific needs. Here, we share the important ways and considerations to hire the best Android developers for your next project.

Identify your requirements

This is the foremost step before initiating a search for Android developers for hire. Mobile apps are pretty diversified and require expert skills. Hence, if the specifications are defined, it will be easier to look for the right candidates.

Also, identifying the elements that are critical to your project will enable you to determine developers that specialize in a given technology. So, identify fir which specifications you need to hire Android developers. Android app development specifications include app security, audio/video streaming, augmented and virtual reality, and many more.

Interview the candidates

Thorough preparation for the candidate’s interview helps in selecting the right resources. And if you’re not technical yourself, you should consider introducing in trusted tech-savvy personnel to verify the candidate’s skills.

Besides, run a background check on your potential candidates before interviewing them. Pre-employment screening should involve checking the candidate’s experience and their work history and accomplishments. After that, list down the questions to ask them for a better understanding of relevant details that could be relevant to your project.

Access the portfolio

Accessing the developer’s portfolio gives an overview of the candidates’ previous work and hands-on experience. Their work speaks more than they do. So, carefully assess the portfolio that will help to make the right selection. Check for the following details;

  • their work stability and deployment process,
  • app’s size and its functionalities
  • numbers of app download

All these details will help in considering the overall capabilities of the candidates you are interviewing. Hence, you can hire the seasoned and specialist developers for your project.

Now, let’s explore the Key considerations while hiring Android developers.

Make sure that the Android developer you are hiring has ever-evolving skills. If you want to hire a developer who is proficient of creating feature-rich, cutting-edge and robust mobile applications, look for the following essential abilities and considerations:

Technical expertise

Android developers must be well versed in programming languages such as Java and Kotlin. They must understand the basics of XML, as these are at the backbone of Android app coding. They should also have experience in Android SDKs (Software Development Kits), Android Studio, and APIs.

Designing skills

The UI and UX is the critical part of an app; thus, developers need to have sound knowledge of these elements. Design skills are especially crucial for a developer if they do not have any designers on their team.

Collaboration capabilities

A developer should be able to efficiently collaborate with various team members and stakeholders to design and develop a successful project.

Communication approach

A developer should communicate comfortably with both technical and non-technical team members (verbally and in writing). Also, they should quickly understand instructions and interpret your requirements for the app.

Reasoning skills

Developers require this skill to write clean and maintainable code. They need to apply logic quickly and efficiently to deliver you are the end results successfully.

All in all, hiring the right Android developer is crucial. You should follow a certain process and examine their skills before making a final decision. So, choose the technology partner that allows you to access the pool of Android experts so that you can select the best match for your project.

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