Android Oreo: The Sweetest Version to Date

Updated on: 24 Nov, 2022

New expressive emojis, enhanced protection and improved battery usage stats, and much more. Yes, cool Android 8.0 aka Android Oreo is here. Google has recently released the Android’s smarter, swifter, and sweeter version for the ever-expanding Android users’ community. It has something for every class ranging from individuals to enterprises.

Let’s have a glimpse of some of the outstanding features of the latest version of Android OS:

New emojis : Google has redesigned the emojis and make them more cartoonish to convey the meaning effectively. With this, Google has bid adieu to the longstanding blob emojis.

Picture in Picture : This feature has made the use of an Android phone even more interesting. It is easy to continue a video call from Duo or watch a video from Chrome with the picture-in-picture mode. It just needs a tapping of Home button, and Oreo will do the rest!

All new settings menu : The setting menu is revamped and the slide out menu is gone. Google has also recategorized the settings. Though somewhat difficult, users will enjoy once getting used to it.

Text selection becomes smarter : Android Oreo comes with smart text select instead of conventional text selection tools. Oreo is able to identify things like addresses or phone numbers, and the user can speed up the interaction through using the new app shortcut given next to the Copy button.

More protection through regular scanning : Google is going to improve the security measures in Android Oreo with the Google Play Protect feature given in the Settings app under Security tab. Here the user can view how often the installed apps are scanned along with the last scanning detail. This feature is available across all Android devices.

Wi-Fi is auto enable now : Android Oreo has an option to have Wi-Fi turn back on when the user is near to a safe Wi-Fi network. Now, there is no need to remember to turn Wi-Fi on again when we’re at home!

That’s not all! New battery settings with more expressive usage stats, night light slider, new appearance of Quick Settings, autofill passwords, and snooze notifications are also some of the noteworthy features of Android 8.0 Oreo.

What’s more, the Search engine giant has introduced notification dots for the app icon that show any pending alert. This is Google’s answer to Apple’s notification badges. Google has given the option to disable them as well.

In brief, it is fair to mention that Android 8.0 Oreo is not just a boring robot, but it is a Super Oreo that can please the hardcore Android fans and Android phone users alike.

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