LG WebOS Application Development Seamlessly Merges Mobile and TV

Updated on: 3 Nov, 2022
LG WebOS Application Development

The Internet of Things, smart large screen TVs and smarter smartphones have led to convergence of technologies exemplified in LG WebOS.

LG WebOS 3 introduced the Magic Mobile Connection that enabled syncing of LG app with a smartphone and display on a smart TV through a wi-fi network with full support for multi-tasking. The 3.5 update accelerated LG webOS app development with its magic sound tuning and button shortcuts as well as 360 degree video that enhanced user experience. This opened up exciting possibilities for WebOS development to satisfy expectations of users.

Originated by Palm and taken over by HP and then later on acquired by LG, WebOS, a Linux based OS, is now truly realizing its full potential fuelled by the recent update. WebOS allows gesture interface and other features such as Synergy which allows users to access and integrate multiple email accounts in addition to calendars, SMS and instant messages. The current generation of LG smart TVs do offer a number of standard features based on LG WebOS. Ecosmob builds on the WebOS functionalities to further accentuate various features specifically desired by clients. Some may need multi-tasking interface with line cards, while others may need to connect to other devices in the proximity. A custom launcher may be what some desire while others may wish to leverage the smart watch capabilities through Enyo UI controls.

The possibilities are endless. Ecosmob and its team of LG WebOS app development experts can focus on customized packaged web apps that reside inside smart TVs as well as server hosted web apps using JavaScript, HTML and CSS with the added advantages of regular updates. Thoroughly familiar with Enyo Moonstone library and its UI controls as well as connect SDK and javascript services, specialists in LG WebOS can take a concept and translate it into reality thus enabling clients to achieve high returns. Customization is the key to a more personalized experience that leads to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customization is possible when one has a thorough understanding of all modules and available features of WebOS and how these can be mixed and matched or interlinked with each other to perform desired actions and present a wonderful interface with seamless integration.

Ecosmob team of WebOS developers have thorough and in-depth knowledge of this ecosystem and are ready to serve clients looking for advanced custom apps that truly deliver value for money. Feel free to reach out our sales team and it would be great to engage with you in realizing the strength of WebOS app development.

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