Complete Guide to MVNEs in Telecom Industry

Updated on: 23 May, 2023
Complete Guide to MVNEs in Telecom Industry

In this digital era of telecom providers, MVNE telecom plays a pivotal role in behind-the-scenes operations. MVNE, or Mobile Virtual Network Enabler, provides the back-end services for MVNOs. They’re a telecom solution for network infrastructure and other services such as administration, operations support systems, SIM provisioning, and business support systems.

Given the wide selection of responsibilities that MVNE has, they’ll need support from many aspects. MVNE telecom providers provide many services, giving their customers more choices. In this blog, we will understand MVNE in telecom, its benefits, how both MVNE and MVNO work together, and how to choose the best MVNE telecom systems.

What is a Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) in Telecom?

A Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) is a company that provides the infrastructure and technology for other companies to offer mobile services to their customers without having to build and maintain their network infrastructure.

An MVNE telecom system includes billing, customer care, and network access for companies that want to offer mobile services but do not want to build and maintain their mobile network. It allows these companies to focus on marketing and selling their mobile services while the MVNE handles the technical aspects of providing them.

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Benefits of MVNE in the Telecom Industry

Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) is a rapidly growing concept in the telecommunications industry, as it offers a variety of benefits for both operators and consumers. Here, we will discuss the various benefits of MVNE in telecom and why it is becoming a popular choice for many companies.

Cost Savings

It is especially beneficial for smaller operators who may need more resources to invest in these areas. MVNE  allows operators to outsource certain functions such as billing, customer service, and network management, which can lead to significant cost savings.

Increased Efficiency

It can lead to improved network performance and customer satisfaction.MVNE telecom providers are experts in the field and have the necessary infrastructure to handle specific functions more efficiently than operators.


It allows operators to tailor their services to meet their specific needs and goals. MVNEs telecom systems can choose which parts they want to outsource and which they want to keep in-house.


MVNE telecom providers are often at the forefront of technological innovation in the industry. They can invest in new technology and services that operators may need more resources to invest in themselves. It can lead to new and improved services for consumers.

Time to Market

Operators can launch new services and products faster with the help of MVNE. It is because they can quickly integrate new services into their existing systems.


MVNE providers can help operators to scale their services quickly and easily. It is because they have the necessary infrastructure and technology to handle large numbers of customers and traffic. However, it is a valuable concept in the MVNE telecom industry as it offers a variety of benefits for both operators and consumers. It allows operators to outsource certain functions, leading to cost savings and increased efficiency. It also provides flexibility, innovation, fast market time, and scalability.

Due to these benefits, MVNE telecom systems are becoming a popular choice among many companies.

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Why MVNEs and MVNOs Should Work Together

The smaller MVNOs stand to gain the most from a partnership with an MVNE, even though a fully established MVNO with enough resources and its network infrastructure can manage its operations without help. Utilizing an MVNE telecom keeps operations straightforward and narrowly focused, lowers risk for the startup, and expedites the entry of MVNO solutions into the market.

An MVNO requires two essential components to provide its products and services:

  • Having access to an MNO network
  • A mechanism for managing subscribers and products

The MVNE makes both possible. Since an MVNE hosts numerous MVNOs on a single platform, partnering with an MVNE telecom allows an MVNO to launch rapidly, with low start-up expenses, and with cheaper airtime. The MVNO’s demand for staff significantly reduces by allowing it to outsource the MNO integration and the business and technical operations management.

“According to Data Bridge Market Research, the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) market anticipates growing at a CAGR of 8.04% from 2022 to 2030, worth USD 833.72 billion.”

Best Online Payment Method for Your MVNE Telecom Needs

Although many companies provide telecom billing systems, you should look for a solution that meets your MVNE telecom demands. Here at Ecosmob, we let MVNEs telecom charge customers in real time according to service utilization.

You must offer clients a real-time telecom billing system that shows their usage as it is currently occurring. It avoids payment ambiguity, which could make customers’ experiences miserable. Here are some features to remember:


As your company expands, you’ll need to manage a more extensive customer base. You will only get what you need from a system that breaks down at peak times or can handle many subscribers.


You should include real-time charging and convergent billing. Convergent billing combines all service fees into a single invoice so clients can readily view the many services they have used.

Convergent billing has a lot of benefits, including

  • Cross-service discounts so that clients can get discounted rates
  • Assistance with both post-paid and pre-paid billing
  • Increased revenue sources and reduced leakage

Cloud-based system

An online cloud-based system is always working for you. As a result, any faults or system problems would have eliminated a non-cloud-based system. Especially for MVNE telecom companies, who must report precise usage to MVNOs or other clients, using the cloud assures you can provide accurate pricing. Accurate billing for data, calls, SMS messages and other services can provide using cloud systems.

Protection Encryption

Customer records need to be encrypted and never have their information compromised. To combat potential cyber threats, should regularly update security encryption technology.

Customer Assistance

Any vendor you work with should always regard as having excellent customer service.

In wireless network infrastructure, it’s possible to experience dropped calls or texts and failed data sessions. You may effectively service your clients, but you’ll need quick responses. Choose a company that prioritizes its clients’ needs and employs helpful staff who can solve problems immediately.

Analytics and Reporting

As an MVNE telecom, you may better serve your clients and adjust your operations to meet the ever-changing needs of the telecom industry by getting insight into your customers’ habits.

The MVNE model has been successful in many countries, and MVNEs have established strong relationships with MNOs. It allows MVNEs telecom to offer competitive pricing and a wide range of services to MVNOs. By following all the features, you must remember the best online payment method, and to know how to choose the best MVNE telecom system, keep reading this blog post.

How Do I Choose the Best MVNE Telecom System?

Smoother launch procedures increase certainty by drawing on the MVNE’s prior telecom experience, but not all MVNEs are created equal.

Each has different technical expertise, support, knowledge, and integrations. Successful collaborations between MVNOs and MVNEs depend entirely on what each party needs from the other. Here are some qualities to look for in an MVNE to assist an MVNO in setting up shop quickly and for the least amount of money:

Network Access

The MVNO’s offerings are only as good as the MNO’s network it utilizes. Hence it is essential to be linked to a reliable MNO.

Billing and customer management

The MVNE telecom must be able to bill and manage customers for the MVNOs.

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IT systems

The MVNE telecom system must have the IT systems to support the MVNOs, including customer management, billing, and network access.

Marketing and distribution

The MVNE telecom system must be able to market and distribute the MVNOs’ services to end-users.

Financial adaptability

Able to accommodate your needs in terms of money and, if necessary, times.


Give MVNOs the tools they need to manage their goods, including quick responses to market trends, thorough reporting, and the capacity to offer special deals.

Reviews or case studies

It should demonstrate how the MVNE has benefited other MVNOs.

Wrapping Up

MVNE telecom has become increasingly popular recently, particularly among small and medium-sized businesses that want to launch mobile services but need more resources to build their network. Overall, MVNE telecom is a cost-effective and efficient solution for companies that want to launch mobile services without investing in expensive infrastructure and technology. They offer a range of services and can be customized to meet the specific needs of each company, making them a popular choice for businesses of all sizes.

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