Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financial Services to Transform Customer Experience

Updated on: 1 Mar, 2023

Customer behaviors and expectations drive financial services to modify and realign strategies for a satisfactory experience.

Building strategies on Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the best way forward. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution incorporates CRM and ERP in a fluid cloud-based scalable package. It has everything that corporate financial enterprises need to get going with minimal development to fine-tune various aspects by a suitable experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 provider.

The ERP side of it
Microsoft Dynamics 365 has everything that financial enterprises operating across various locations and territories need to tie in their financial operations. Finance, purchase, sales, accounting and field service all come together seamlessly in this environment. There is inbuilt security through controlled permissions for access from anywhere at any time. Further, the inbuilt analytics and intelligence side can help financial enterprises derive insights to make faster business decisions. Then there are features like multiple companies operating under a common umbrella, multi-currency for different countries and multi-language features that enhance this aspect of the financial services sector. Enterprises have access to electronic banking, core accounting, management of assets and taxes across various regions. It does not stop here. Dynamics covers human capital management in terms of employee records management, recruitment, onboarding, performance management, and competency management through a unified dashboard.

The CRM side
The ERP side may be considered as the springboard to providing superior customer-centric service and this is what the CRM module of dynamics 365 helps to handle with fluid ease. It is all about personalizing customer experiences and in this regard one can pinpoint targets and deliver relevant offers through the CRM. Management has a 360-degree view through the USD or unified service desk and customize service delivery to customer profile and services on offer. Financial services sector can manage customers and, importantly, agents in various locations.

Ongoing transformations
Dynamics 365 is a platform that lends itself easily to a high degree of customization by an expert Microsoft Dynamics 365 provider. This is necessary considering the nature of financial services and target customers. Customer perceptions change and evolve. Competitors come up with something new and this calls for innovation. At the same time, while acquiring new customers is always a concern, retaining and keeping loyal existing customers is another aspect. All these calls for ongoing incremental modifications to implementations. Financial enterprises need to respond fast and support by a provider of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution is essential to modify front end CRM service modules and to also change backend ERP as may be required.

Efficiency and speed go together and Dynamics 365 facilitates with a high degree of automation in various customer processes such as loans and approvals. The transformation is further assisted by artificial intelligence implementation and also the inclusion of mobile and social technologies. Predictive capabilities are desirable to anticipate trends and the right Microsoft Dynamics developer’s implementation takes financial services to that level.

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