How Microsoft Dynamics Improves Business Processes of FMCG Industries

Updated on: 3 Nov, 2022

Buyer dynamics have evolved and the changing trend is influencing operations of FMCG industries worldwide. Old established patterns are giving way to new methods and technology forms the bulwark of complex operations for sustained competitiveness. Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions underlie successful FMCG.

Bringing order to complexity
FMCG, by its very nature, is complex covering various facets such as:

Procurement, manufacturing and keeping stocks of various product lines to feed market demand

Supply chain, logistics, and marketing over widespread geographic regions

Handling and managing distributors and dealer chain

Promotions, campaigns, seasonal demand variations

Analysis and forecasting trends

Tying it all together
Without technology to tie it all together all these diverse operations of a typical FMCG operation would soon go out of sync. Issues arise such as cost escalation, lack of stock on store shelves leading to customer churn, mounting stockpiles of unsold products and dealer dissatisfaction. Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution from an expert Microsoft Dynamics Consultant is the key to tie and synchronize all operations of FMCG industries.

An all in one solution
Microsoft Dynamics and its various components such as MS Dynamics Bussines central, MS Dynamics 365 F&O and Microsoft Dynamics CRM provide an all in one finely integrated solution for FMCGs. Instead of disparate solutions that do not interface with each other, Microsoft Dynamics for FMCG industries integrates:
Enterprise resource planning
Customer relationship management
Employee experience
Business intelligence
Dealer management

Cloud-based seamless connectivity
A large FMCG industry with operations in various branches and in various countries benefits immensely with a Microsoft Dynamics solution in place. Professional Microsoft Dynamics consultants implement a cloud-based solution that ties into Azure and other components to bring together all departments from manufacturing to vendor development to sourcing to logistics and marketing. A unified dashboard gives a complete overview of operations and, importantly, delivers fine-tuned data for immediate and intelligent business decisions.

CRM, better customer and social engagement, fast sales cycles
The other side of the FMCG coin is customer experience. Microsoft Dynamics is one of the most powerful CRM solutions that help sales executives to speed up the sales process, manage an entire network of dealers and distributors and also keep tabs on customer behaviors and expectations. One can easily anticipate trends through the BI and put in place packages and offers to keep products moving off the shelves.

Scalable and information at fingertips
Apart from being an integrated ERP-CRM package customized to specific FMCG methods of business, Dynamics is scalable to meet future expansion. Besides, it is secure and permissions can be set to grant access to specific areas to specified personnel. How well the FMCG solution is developed by Microsoft Dynamics consultant will influence how easy it is to use by employees throughout the chain. Ease of use, flexibility and fast access to information means less employee frustration and higher productivity. In fact, reducing workloads means one can cut down on the number of employees and save costs.

It does require expertise and knowledge of FMCG operations for Microsoft Dynamics developers to put together a package that fits right in and delivers results.

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