Comprehensive Guide to Hire DevOps Engineer

Updated on: 27 Jun, 2023
Comprehensive Guide to Hire DevOps Engineer

If you are among the companies having dire requirements for DevOps engineers and in the quest to hire a DevOps engineer, or on the flip side, if you are willing to work as a DevOps engineer, this post is for you. This post will describe you in detail – which is a DevOps engineer? What do DevOps engineers do? What technical skills are required for DevOps engineers and more?

Here is a detailed guide.

Before we jump on to comprehensive guide to hire DevOps engineer this 2022, let’s first have an understanding of the term DevOps.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a concept that includes, among other things, software development, operations, and services. DevOps is a blend of “development” and “operations.” It focuses on interaction, coordination, and integration between software developers and IT operations staff.

It’s also great to see that DevOps has gained significant popularity over the past five years.

DevOps helps to establish a mechanism for collaboration between the development and operations teams by bridging the distance between them. It also supports these teams’ efforts to improve productivity and cooperation by automating the infrastructure, code deployment, and continuous application monitoring.

Who is DevOps Engineer

The goal of DevOps engineers is to automate repeated tasks and spend more time on engineering and innovation.

● Networking project management

● Automation

● Continuous integration

● Version control

● Monitoring

● Observability technologies

A DevOps engineer automates the workflows, creates better infrastructure, and helps increase company performance. DevOps engineers are the critical assets of any company looking to adopt modern DevOps practices.

DevOps Engineer offers various benefits

DevOps engineers are the power pack arsenal of any company that offers multiple benefits to the company. DevOps is not just a role but a blend of philosophy, state of mind, and culture.

● Better collaboration

● Higher quality software and apps

● Smooth user experiences

● Improved operational efficiency

● Reduced costs

● Faster resolution of problems

● More efficient use of resources

What is the requirement of a DevOps Engineer?

The operations team tests the program in real-world scenarios. In contrast, software development talks about designing and executing codes. So, there is frequently a significant delay while waiting for feedback.

Hire DevOps engineer if you want to make this process go smoothly. Here is the list of requirements of a DevOps Engineer:

● To deploy software updates efficiently and quickly

● To optimize workflows for greater efficiency

● To monitor system performance and troubleshoot issues

● To ensure that critical systems are always ready for action

● To develop the scripts to automate visualization and reporting

What skills are required while hiring DevOps Engineers?

Every organization has a different modus operandi. However, when hiring a DevOps engineer, a particular set of skills and requirements stays the same. Check out skills needed for DevOps engineer:

Soft skills

A DevOps engineer’s job is to bridge the gap between the development and operations teams. A DevOps engineer collaborates and communicates with other team members; that’s where the requirement of good soft skills comes into play.

A DevOps engineer requires soft skills to work efficiently – organization skills, team spirit, troubleshooting skills, flexibility, adaptability, the ability to work independently, etc.

Technical Skills

A solid hold on technical skills is undoubtedly the prerequisite for hiring a DevOps programmer.

A DevOps Engineer must work smoothly with coding languages and scripts.

The most common technical skills required for DevOps engineers that are part and parcel of hiring a DevOps Engineer are as follows –

● Knowledge of implementing Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) per industry standards.

● A good understanding of Python, Shell, or any other scripting language is always preferred to hire DevOps programmer.

● A strong understanding of popular DevOps tools like Docker, Jenkins, Ansible, Kubernetes, etc., are part and parcel of the technical skills required for a DevOps engineer.

● Hands-on experience with automation tools like Puppet, Octopus, Chef, Salt, and Ansible

● Knowledge of system administration and SDLC lifecycle

● Should be aware of Software version control systems like GIT, BitBucket, etc

● Working familiarity with Linux systems and Windows

● Familiarity with NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, Cassandra, and Elasticsearch

● Knowledge of Big data platforms like Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Storm, etc

● Familiarity with the cloud platform, like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.,

Familiarity with DevOps tools

There are several tools that DevOps engineers cover. The requirement depends upon the project and the necessity of the company. However, here is a list of some of the most popular tools that a DevOps engineer must be familiar with –

● Development environments: Vagrant, Cloud9 IDE

● Continuous integration: Jenkins, TeamCity, CircleCI

● Configuration management: Ansible, Salt

● Monitoring: Nagios, Prometheus

● Container management: Docker, Kubernetes

● Project management: Asana, Jira

● Version control: Git, Bitbucket

● Build tools: Gradle, Maven, Grunt

Role and Responsibilities of DevOps Engineers

Given the popularity of DevOps Engineers, their roles and responsibilities are also versatile. They have a wide array of duties within the organization to cater to.

Here is the list of what DevOps engineers do:

● A DevOps engineer is responsible for implementing CI/CD per industry standards.

● A DevOps engineer requires to build and configure tools that reduce the occurrence of errors and, in return, improve customer experience. To know how to improve customer experience through DevOps read our another blog on Why is the Involvement of DevOps Essential in Enhancing Customer Experience?

● A DevOps engineer performs root cause analysis for errors.

● A DevOps engineer develops scripts to automate manual tasks.

● A DevOps engineer also deploys applications like Web servers (Apache, Nginx, etc.), Database server (MySQL, MongoDB), and VoIP applications (Asterisk, Freeswitch, Opensips, etc.) as per requirement.

● Provide technical assistance in DevOps tools, Web Server, Database Server, VoIP Applications, etc., to internal/external customers.

● We need to work and resolve issues in defined SLA to increase customer satisfaction.

Guide to Hire a DevOps Engineer

Since we have understood the prerequisites of a DevOps Engineer, we are in a position to move the Guide to Hire DevOps Engineer this 2022.

Finding a DevOps Engineer this 2022 revolves around some critical questions that need to be catered to first to hire a DevOps developer that fits perfectly for the organizational needs.

Teaching all the possible resources to hire DevOps developer or a DevOps developer is quint essential. Here is where to find DevOps Engineers:

Social Media Recruiting:

Social Media is a powerful tool for mass communication. It is an excellent platform for shortlisting potential candidates. LinkedIn and Twitter are some famous sites that aid this search to hire DevOps engineers.

Personal Networks/Candidate Referrals:

Candidate Referral or personal Network is one of the most appreciated and promoted ways to hire DevOps programmers. It not only saves time but also makes the process much easier. Candidate referrals are a reliable source for recruiting new candidates.

Tech events and meetings:

Tech events offer knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities, which help hire DevOps engineers.

Job Ads on Relevant Job Board:

Job Ads on Relevant Job boards are one of the most famous tools among job seekers. Use this tool to shortlist the best candidates.

In A Nutshell

It is an underlying factor that DevOps engineers should have the thorough capacity for seamless transitions between the development and operations teams. As we are adept in agile development methodology, we break down barriers between different stages of development and increase the throughput. This article was a guide to what DevOps is and what you should look for in a DevOps engineer.

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