How SBC Solution Development Service help VoIP service providers

SBC Solution Development

Session border controller or SBC is a special-purpose device that regulates and protects the flow of IP communications. These are installed at the network boundaries to handle IP network procedures and to protect them.

Session border controllers are commonly used for other network-related purposes as well. Mostly these are used for transmission purposes. The majority of session border controllers are taken in use for video calls, voice over LTE services, and word messaging services.

Functions of session border controllers

Session border controllers perform multiple functions. They manipulate media streams and IP communication signals. Let us see some essential functions of the session border controller.

Security of network and shared content

The Session board controller provides a practical solution to enhance the security of the network. They guarantee a protect against denial of service (DoS). They also offer protection from distributed DoS.

The session border controller ensures the safety of the shared contents. They secure the message and the calls via end to end encryptions. They reduce the chances of being fooled on online services as well.

Help to exchange information from multiple service providers

The session border controller helps to control the session initiation protocol and also improves the communications to and from multiple service providers.

Improves data transmission between various networks

The session border controller enables the transmission of data to various data programs for faster transfer of data.

Improves the level of assistance

The session border controller regulates the call admission control (CAC’s) and improves the provided service.

Time scattering

The session border controller regulates the costing of the service as well. It also helps to improve the presence of various services over the network.

Features of session border controller

– Topology and carrier hiding
– Flexible SIP header manipulation
– Protocol validation
– Carrier tech prefixes removal and insertion
– Calling party address manipulations
– Codec transcoding

The reason why businesses need a session border controller:

Safety of system

People may try to harm Session initiation protocols with multiple techniques and methods. This attack harms your work and the efficiency of your work. The majority of these harms are done by interference due to denial of service. The session border controller ensures safety from any such damage to the system.

Advance session manipulation

Other than protecting the system, the session border controller also finds the most feasible route to connect a call. These calls are protected via end-to-end encryptions. Session border controllers keep your calls safe and make them even better.

Exchange of the information through SIP

Session border controllers also help to mediate between various gadgets and electronic devices. It makes the transfer of information in a better and more efficient manner.


Session border controllers play an essential role in securing the networks. They also increase the calling efficiency of audio and video calls. If you are searching for SBC solution development services, feel free to contact us at Ecosmob Technologies Private Limited.