Unveiled – The Reasons Why You Should Opt For SBC Solutions!

SBC Solutions
With industrial growth, PBX frauds are also increasing these days as VoIP is nowadays integrated with the traditional telephony networks without securing it with any specific security mechanism such as SBC. A firewall can only protect your data network, but as soon as you open it up to the web, your entire network is exposed. This means your voice and data networks, are at risk and can cause your system to be hacked.
A number of vendor solutions are available in the market that can provide the complete security needed for the VoIP network. But half of them don’t have the key features, required to support your VoIP applications and half of them have difficult-to-diagnose kinds of problems. If you’re planning to use the network firewall for voice security, then it is also not going to work. You actually need a Session Border Controller (SBC) solution!
We, at Ecosmob, provide SBC solutions that will help you protect your voice and data as well as your VoIP network. Look at the list of key features offered by us:
  • Protocol validation
  • Security of voice
  • High availability and resiliency
  • SIP interoperability
  • Codec transcoding
  • Topology and carrier hiding
  • Insertion or removal of carrier tech prefix
  • And many more features for business VoIP solutions

Whether you are in some business verticals, these features of our Session Border Controller software can help you a lot in order to properly handle different aspects of your VoIP phone calls and make your network more secure. If you want to know what other perks they have for you, read further:

  • Improves the overall communication
  • Gives better security
  • Ensures regulatory compliance
  • Reduces massive costs for costly infrastructure
  • Intensifies the deployment of a SIP trunk service
  • Guaranteed secure and reliable access to services
  • Optimizes the quality and performance of services
  • Facilitates with detailed CDR and reports

Hence, you cannot sideline the security of your business confidential as you cannot afford it to be hacked or breached. That is why it is essential for your business to opt for versatile SBC solutions.
If you wish to secure your VoIP applications and the data and voice networks with SBC, we can help you with our SBC solutions. Reach us here!