How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation Works

Updated on: 1 Mar, 2023

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is integrated data-driven software that helps to improve customer interactions. Each business must manage productive customer relationships. Besides, they need to manage the sales and marketing process efficiently as well. CRMs are designed in such a way that offers an efficient way to manage customer interactions while tracking sales and marketing data.

CRM solutions streamline the administrative processes of your business. Be it sales, marketing, or service division. As a result, you can use insightful data to increase profitability for your business. A robust CRM solution is a multifaceted platform. It stores the vital analytical data of your business.

A software to manage the administrative process is a must requirement for each business. CRM offers the key advantages that help to empower business growth.

What are the benefits of CRM?

CRM offers distinct benefits for your business that includes;

– Organize customers’ data

– Build strong relationships with your potential clients

– Segment customers for customized services

– Forecast sales to increase ROI

– Generate sales reports

– Scale business processes

– Reduce client attrition

– Improve productivity

– Encourage cross-sale, etc.

Similarly, Microsoft offers an exclusive customer relationship management software mainly aim towards marketing, sales, and help desk. It is a server-client application with flexible solutions to meet your business requirements. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you in many ways to enhance your business growth like;

– Generating a multi-channel marketing campaign

– Align your sales – marketing teams

– Foster leads and prioritizes them

– Use stats to make better business decisions

– Create a custom dashboard and many more.

In short, the CRM will get you enormous benefits to drive innovation to your business. And, with the innovative approach, you can increase your sales. But, the next question arises, how to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Well, if you want to get details about Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM implementation, continue reading this article.

As a MicrosoftDynamics’ certified consultant, Ecosmob’s expert team first analyze your business requirements to install the right CRM for your business. Microsoft offers different approaches to choose the right CRM for your business; standard, enterprise, agile, upgrade, and rapid.

Hence, our team will collaborate with you to assist you in selecting the most suitable CRM solution for your business.

Once the type of CRM deployment completes, it’s time to move on to the actual implementation process. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation is breaking down into the Sure Step Phase. It is consists of six different steps to successfully integrate the CRM.

#1. Diagnostic – this is the first step in which the solutions are envisioned. As every business is unique, so are their requirements. Hence, in this phase, the business offerings are considered to opt for the appropriate solutions.

#2. Analysis – Once the need for the type of CRM solution is identified, the requirements are analyzed further to initiate the design process.

#3. Design – the CRM is designed as per the requirements, services, and recommendations from sales teams. You can also have customized designs for smooth operational activities.

#4. Development – the development of specific features and functionality will begin in this stage. The development team optimizes the offerings. And, according to the requirements, they will develop the CRM for you.

#5. Deployment – now, as your CRM is ready to set up. The deployment will take place to complete the implementation process.

#6. Operation – the implementation does not end with the deployment. We assist our clients in troubleshooting operational queries. There will be prompt technical support from the seasoned consultant whenever you need it.

With the implementation, we aim to minimize the risk factors. With the expert knowledge to implement the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and proven tactics, we assure the smooth integration process at every stage.

When you are deciding to opt for Microsoft Dynamics CRM for your business, you do not have to invest in the complete setup of hardware. Instead, you can opt for cloud-based solutions.
The cloud-based CRM solution decouples the software from your local hardware that allows you to access your business’s vital information outside the premises. Online CRM unlocks new opportunities to run and grow the business.

Moreover, if you choose the cloud-based integration MSD CRM, you have an option to go for a monthly subscription. This facility will help you to manage finances. Cloud delivers affordable and predictable IT costs, which is an ideal choice for SMEs.

Have a look at the distinct privileges of Cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Simple installation process – the cloud Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution is easy to install and integrate. So, you can begin exploring the facility of the system faster than developing conventional CRM.

Cost-efficient solution – unlike the traditional CRM, you do need to invest the whole amount in accessing the software. You have an option to go for a monthly subscription as per your business needs.

Data security – the online system offers more data protection by preventing virus or data breaching.

Flexibility – you can also get a user-based subscription to access the CRM software and perform the important sales and marketing processes.

Accessibility– as it an online solution, you can access it anywhere at any time with the internet connection.

Still, not sure how Microsoft Dynamics CRM will boost your business growth?
Get in touch with us to request a demo. The expert team at Ecosmob will give you detail erudition about the Microsoft Dynamics implementation process, and assists in selecting on-premises or cloud-based versions for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

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