School Management System: A Dire Need For Educational Institutes

Updated on: 1 Mar, 2023

How do you handle school management?

Managing the day in and out of school operation is a painstaking task. The manual process for school management has become obsolete. These days, technological advancements have replaced manual management for schools. While handling the administration for educational institutes, you need to manage many important operational tasks such as parents teacher communication, Student record management, payroll management, HR management, and many more.

Hence, the role of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions come in the picture to efficiently manage school operations. To overcome these complexities for educational institutions, Ecosmob offers a robust school management solution integrated with Microsoft NAV. Let’s have a look at how we offer a customized solution to manage school administration effectively.

With the school management application, MyEDU, you can empower the communication between parents, teachers, students, and management authorities. The software is designed with an aim to communicate, collaborate, and educate better. It will help you to reveal an impressive image among the students, parents, and staff members.

Moreover, you can correspond the knowledge flow and facilitate the information search while resolving the communication gap with an accessible and user-friendly school administration system software platform. This solution allows parents to get digitally connected with their child’s education. The will have access to their child’s most of the school tasks such as attendance, assignments, teachers’ remarks, timetable, and many more. Also, they can remote pay students fees from the application.

On the other hand, the integration with Microsoft NAV offers you administrative assistance like managing finance, payroll, human resources functions, and asset management. It is a secure and user-friendly solution that makes your school system efficient and easier to handle. Daily conventional duties including digital attendance, teachers’ feedback, accounts, record maintenance, etc. are offered in a way that they are straightforward to implement for the administrators. Also, it’s easy for everyone to understand and operate the system.

Our school management solutions are specially designed to meet the vital needs of educational institutes along with meeting ERP needs apart from the academic program. Starting from the recruitment of students and staff to the graduation of students, all the essential operational tasks will be automated with the software. Hence, you enjoy hassle-free school management while delivering improved educational experience to the students.

Besides, with this ERP solution, you can get in touch with the associated tasks of the school from anywhere anytime by login to the system. It also offers highly secured features so you do not have to worry about data loss at any point while using the software.

Here are the key benefits of our school management application that is integrated with Microsoft NAV;

– Approaches all processes related to educational institutions including Placement, Library, Hostel, and Alumni

– It is formed as an extension to Microsoft Dynamics NAV – an exceptional ERP application for asset management and accounting perspectives of the solution are proposed by NAV

– SMS/Email notifications to send important updates

– Comprehensive reporting module where parents can look at students performance

– Enhances the working efficiency of your staff by streamlining all the operational tasks on a single platform

– Fees management and financial recording

– Digital purchases system for procurement management

– In short, our school management system is developed to increase productivity and efficiency along with flawless financial management of your educational institution.

Whether you operate a coaching class, school, college, or any other educational academy, our school management solutions will help you to efficiently handle day to day school operations. Moreover, Ecosmob is the authorized partner of Microsoft, and we deliver the standards yet innovative solutions to our clients. Contact us to get more details on how we deliver the personalized solution to manage all the operational tasks effectively and improve the overall experience of your educational institute.

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