How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Benefits Steel and Metal Industries

Updated on: 1 Mar, 2023

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for steel and metal industries is a compelling ERP solution that is developed with flexible inbuilt operational excellence. It focuses on enabling businesses to drive innovation with world-class ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions. By presenting tools that are established for the modern workplace, Dynamics 365 is beneficial to make smarter decisions faster, intelligence on nearly any device, anywhere, and rendering access to real-time insights.

Let’s explore how these solutions address the core operational management for steel and metal industries.

Quality management

The system allows you to generate material certificate so that you can ensure ultimate product quality to your customers. Plus, quality management includes functionality for tracking issues by problem type and identifying a long term or short term solutions along with managing nonconformance.

The statistics about key performance indicators (KPIs) present insight into the history of previous nonconformance issues and the solutions that were used to correct them. You can also use historical data to evaluate the effectiveness of former quality measures and discover appropriate measures to use in the future.

When you set up a quality association, it generates quality orders for various business processes, events, and conditions. The quality association can cover a specific item, a specific group of items, or all items.

Shop-floor reporting

Manage the operational tasks which are directly involved in the production. Microsoft Dynamics allows you to track, schedule, or report the progress of work in your manufacturing plant. Also, real-time reporting helps you to evaluate job progression and costing by observing employee names and time on production orders and their duties.

Besides, it enables shop floor user to;

– Review linked documents

– Record production consumption and output

– View and record production comments

– Enter quality measures parameters

– Manage dispatch lists and production orders

The 360-degree view of Microsoft Dynamics 365 connects each employee in your business. With a clear view of the entire shop floor management, you can improve the business process efficiently.

Production scheduling

It is one of the most painstaking tasks in metal and steel manufacturing industries. You can improve the overall productivity if you have a complete view of the scheduling process. MSD 365 has visual production schedule management capabilities that allow you to produce production materials and deliver the products on time every time. By using the system you can complete the following processes like;

– Material optimization

– Max OD/coil breakpoint

– Interactive graphic planning

– Cut, slit and melt planning workbenches, etc.

Real-time analytics

Microsoft Dynamics solution fetches the real time analytical data so that you can measure the ongoing progress of your business. You will be able to improve business outcomes and make informed decisions by using data-driven insights and recommendations. From employees to all business operations, the system will help you generate analytics that boosts productivity and efficiency for your metal and steel business.

Sales order management

Completing sales orders on time along with assured quality is the key to a successful business. Microsoft Dynamics is an essential ERP system that enables you to manage all your sales orders on an unprecedented, simplified platform. It allows a better understanding of customers’ needs so that you can win more prospects easily and empower your business growth. More precisely you can the following capabilities with the system to manage your sales orders;

– Customer workbenches

– Pre-built product configurations

– Improved pricing suggestions

– Automatic T&C/certification generation, and many more.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions are intended to give metal and steel industries the unprecedented visibility of various business operations through a centralized ERP system.

Technology has been evolved in many ways. And, in the current digital world, a modern business management solution is a must requirement to sustain market competition.

In short, the MSD 365 solutions enable you to manage the following functionalities;

– Metals, steel specific user workbenches, and role centres

– Inventory management

– Advanced pricing and costing analysis

– Production material analysis tools

– Product information management for Metals

– Attribute and specifications management

– Multi-dimensional unit and inventory management

– Heat tracking, chemistry, and tag management

– Production control for Metals and steel

– Quality and specification control for raw materials

– Simple subcontracting process

– Effective planning of procurement and sourcing

– Handling for scrap and processing loss, etc.

Ecosmob is a certified partner of Microsoft. We deliver the custom Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions that help you to efficiently manage business operations for metal and steel industries. Contact us now! One of our expert team will collaborate with you to give you more details on how we deliver the Microsoft Dynamics solutions for your business.

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