Trending Mobile App Development in 2018

Apps for Android and iOS systems are evolving at a fast rate given their advantages and the fact that most users of smartphones rely on apps. The past year and the years preceding it saw development of location based apps, GPS and Maps integration, greater use of sensors in mobile devices, media, communication, touch screen integration, data management, social media, and custom business apps.

2018 promises to bring better tech to mobiles. Mobile app development trends for 2018 that are likely to see a huge boost are in various sectors such as AI, IoT and AR/VR to name only a few. There is plenty of excitement in the augment reality segment and the VR world. While VR may be of more interest to gamers, it is Augmented Reality that should take off because it could become a pivot for interaction in the healthcare, engineering, real estate and retail sectors. AR allows sellers to show products to buyers in real time and for training to enhance efficiency.

The Android app development scene is set to morph to higher level of tech sophistication with Google’s Android things that will enhance IoT implementations. IoT itself will be a major growth sector in mobile app development with the possible turnover of $ 660 billion by 2021. Google’s accelerated mobile pages (AMP) tech is another trendy thing in mobile development for 2018. AMP allows faster loading of webpages and it is expected to change web development and SEO. Google’s Android Instant Apps is another game changer that should grow in popularity since it allows apps to function like websites.

There is a whole slew of cloud based mobile apps emerging on the scene. Mobile cloud traffic will increase 11 times according to forecasters and enterprises will leverage this tech not only for communications but also for business driven apps, interaction with customers and with vendors.

Programming is not becoming old hat by any means but artificial intelligence is where future developments in the mobile ecosystem will be quite active. One can expect iOS app development and Android app development to incorporate higher levels of artificial intelligence in smart watches and smartphones. It also drives business intelligence to help predict future trends, a boon for marketers.

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