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Customized Mobile Application Development – To Reach Targeted Mobile Audience

We are time warped in an era where technology is getting more powerful and the gadgets are getting more compact. In order to sustain, your enterprise has to be equipped with palm sized and wireless gadgets and provide access to a wide range of mobile applications. In short, a complete range of solutions that enhances the productivity, entertains and educates the user at the same time.

Ecosmob Technologies has stepped in to cater to the long-standing demand of the enterprise by involving itself in the development of mobile applications.

Ecosmob has involved itself in the development of Android applications that address all the perennial requirements of the enterprise. We have developed a vast range of apps compatible with the divergent features available on the Android Operating System. From Mobile BI Solutions to Life Style applications, we have been involved in the development of a wide range of applications.
With our special team for the iOS applications development, we have been able to develop several applications compatible with iPhone and iPad. We have been successful in developing a huge array of apps that cater to the social networking and financial needs to the mCommerce and live scores platform. We help clients in conceptualize, development & design iOS apps.

The vast number of domains that the apps developed by us

  • Mobile BI solutions
  • eBooks & Publishing Apps
  • mCommerce solutions
  • Social Networking Apps
  • GPS and Navigation Apps
  • Live Scoreboard Apps
  • Finance Apps
  • Lifestyle & Healthcare Apps

Ecosmob Technologies has one of the best mobile development facilities and is involved in bringing forth a wide range of apps. We have been involved in development of mobile applications customized to meet the requirements of your enterprise.

We have enforced a mobile developer model by selecting a team of highly talented and skilled engineers. Our team of engineers is proficient on the development of mobile applications on Android as well as the iOS platform and has been successful in the development of the best apps.

To know more about the developer model and to outsource the development of mobile applications that are best suited for your enterprise please make it convenient to contact us.

Phone: 1-303-997-3139