mCommerce The Future of Mobile Application Development

Updated on: 28 Oct, 2022
M Commerce The Future of Mobile Application Development

The tremendous increase in the use of mobile devices is driving the growth of mCommerce. Any online B2B or B2C site that does not have a mobile presence is likely to be on the losing side. mCommerce brings up a whole slew of possibilities in related apps.

Mobile application development for M-Commerce will likely see more implementation of augmented reality and virtual reality. Shoppers will likely have a far better experience when they use a headset to simulate how a product looks in a particular setting or how they will look when they wear certain apparel. It is all about customer engagement and including AR/VR will lead to an enhanced experience.

More and more sites are likely to appear in the mCommerce space online and it is only natural that target buyers as well as existing buyers should get swift responses. Mobile application development will come up with better AI powered chatbots and messengers.

As technologies evolve and online retailers push the boundaries, mobile app development will keep in step. Emerging on the scene is the increased use of progressive web apps in the mobile mCommerce sector. Developers in the mobile segment will need to be better positioned to offer PWA that work seamlessly and lead to better customer engagement on mCommerce sites.

That each mobile device has a number of sensors and GPS facility can be leveraged by experts in m-commerce development to create apps that offer a localized experience or a VR experience apart from including features that gather data about the users.

Wearables are coming into their own and so is voice search. Buyers increasingly use voice commands to find products or information on the web and they can do the same on mCommerce sites. One can see a future in which buyers on ecommerce will use voice more than tapping on the screen and wearables to initiate payments. One can easily visualize a shopping assistant app that will help mobile users navigate the world of mCommerce sites and carry out their wishes.

Major ecommerce players are already on the mCommerce scene. Smaller and emerging retailers online will have no other option but to follow suit and make their sites smarter and more engaging. Engaging experts in mobile application development for the mCommerce world would be their best starting point to success.

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