Android App Development: A Necessity For Hospitality Industry

Updated on: 27 Oct, 2022
Android App Development

Nowadays, people used to travel more than the early days. The reason could be anything as in a business meeting; attending an expo; or just an exotic vacation. This has given a boost to the hospitality industry. Thus, it is important to reach the potential guests before your competition. This can be possible by

  1. Best-in-class hospitality of guests so you can seek for the referral guests to your hotel and
  2. Implementing advanced tools in your hotel business model

The mobile application is one of the best tools any hotel should invest in. As we all know, the people are exploring the whole world through their mobile devices and hotels are not something out of this world. By launching a mobile app for your hotel, you can ensure that you are in the top list of your potential guests who is exploring the different options in your city. If you are afraid of ROI or not really ready to take an upfront risk, then the best option is to start with the one mobile platform. Choose Android for your first app as it has a wider audience reach than any other mobile platform. Moreover, it is comparatively cheaper to develop a mobile app in Android than any other platform. Once you are satisfied with the results and ROI, you may get the app in other mobile platforms, too. Now, let’s check what you can offer to your potential guest by your hotel android application.

About Your Hotel and the offered amenities

Before finalizing any hotel to stay in even for a single day, the customers usually check the location, history, reviews, ratings, amenities and other related facts. This is obvious to ensure the comfortable stay. In your app, you can show your best-in-class amenities, services and the reasons, why you are the best hotel in town. You can also show the value added services you offer, which are not available in other hotels in town.

Photo Gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words. You must have a photo gallery of your clean and hygienic rooms, happy staff, best-in-class amenities such as sea blue swimming pool, ultramodern gym house, posh lobby, romantic cafeteria; and above all a few snaps of happy guest who are enjoying their stay.

Accommodation Rate and Comparison Options

The majority of hotels hides this vital information, which any guest would be looking for. It’s always good to show the rates to the customers so it can save time, resources and the efforts of both the guest and you. In case, you offer price negotiation, feel free to highlight the *discount available clause in the rate card. Moreover, give the comparison chart, in which you can justify why you are the best choice in this price.

Give Easy and Secure Booking Options

Allow your app users to book the rooms instantly. Give them flexibility to choose the room of their preference, and pay for it to reserve it immediately. Provide multiple payment options so your customers don’t run away by not finding their convenient payment method. The most common are debit card, credit card, net banking and any eWallet. Make sure you integrate the enough security checks in your hotel application for mobile so the payment can be performed safely. After room booking, ensure to provide the confirmation in different format such as a push notification and an email or an SMS.

It’s Good To Give Some Extra

Talking only about your business is not a good business strategy. Everyone likes to get something extra. So benefit your guests with some extra information such as tourist attractions, nearby spots to catch-up, history of the city, etc.

You can add many more things in your Hotel Android Mobile Application to gain more customers and leverage other business benefits. Still having doubts or want to know what else can be added? Our executives would be glad to answer all your questions. Just initiate the discussion by contacting us and the rest will be taken care by us to get you the best app for your hotel.

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