Why WebRTC Is Popular Among the Developers and Users?

Updated on: 31 Oct, 2022
WebRTC is taking leaps and bounds to overcome the communication problems we are facing. Moreover, it empowers the developers and users with its ample features, which has increased its popularity almost overnight. As per the current trends, the webRTC is replacing all other communication and collaboration platforms. In this Blog, we will share why the webRTC is taking the front seat in communication and collaboration environment

WebRTC is Developers’ Friend

The webRTC technology is an open source put into the concept by the Google Chrome Team. It is developed in a way that any developer can get his hands dirty on it. It doesn’t require any expert skills or advanced tools. The knowledge of javascript, HTML5 and CSS is enough to learn the webRTC. For the WebRTC Development, you can use the tools, you use in your routine development life. The community support is very quick, which encourages more developers to get into the webRTC development

Advanced Communication and Collaboration Features

The webRTC not only simplifies the communication, but does much more than that. It can traverse audio, video and data over a single line. Thus, it is the perfect tool for the rich communication. It can be used for:
  • Video/ Audio Calling
  • File sharing
  • Screen sharing
  • Conferencing
This makes it favorite of the enterprises, which needs more than a simple calling in their routine life.

Cost-effective Solution Development

Almost 63% of the web browsers around the world are webRTC enabled. It is supported by Opera, Chrome and Firefox at the moment and more browsers are showing their willingness to adapt it in nearer future. It works on browser to browser connections and signaling. It is free for use. Moreover, it doesn’t require any additional downloads, add-ons, etc. to work efficaciously. Thus, it decreases the custom software development cost amazingly.

Portable, Reliable and Secure

The webRTC based solution can work from anywhere and at anytime. All it require is a webRTC enable browser and an internet connection. That’s it! Nothing more. It can work on any operating system and on any device,. Thus, it is accessible on the go! It always encrypts the data using the Secure RTP (SRTP) protocol. It provides the eavesdropping prevention even on the shared wifi connection

Support Multiple Users With Same Quality

The webRTC solutions offer the crystal clear audio and HD quality video. The quality stays intact with any number of users.
These are the top 5 reasons for the popularity of the WebRTC as a development platform. Which one exactly fits you?