Flexible, Multilingual, Multicurrency VoIP Billing Solution Development For Service Providers


It is a boom time for carriers and VoIP service providers. Businesses and even individuals are making more use of VoIP services. While this increase in customer base adds to the bottom line it also calls for exceptional VoIP billing solution to be in place.

Comprehensive and versatile billing

Telecom and VoIP service providers serve a spectrum of customers with a variety of prepaid, postpaid plans, calling card systems, mobile top-ups, retailers, resellers and enterprise customers. What they need is a truly versatile and comprehensive VoIP billing solution that includes these features plus SMS billing and PIN to PIN balance transfer.

Standalone or easy integration into class 4/SBC

Some may prefer a standalone VoIP billing system but the general preference is for the inclusion of this facility in the existing class 4 Softswitch or, better still, the session border controller. Your VoIP billing developer can come up with a solution from the ground up or port an existing one to your Softswitch or the SBC with inherent advantages this integration brings such as automatic calculation of call cost once the call ends and posting that entry straight into the invoice for real-time billing.

Least cost routing, custom currencies, multiple languages, white label

It is a competitive business service providers must make a profit as well as offer lowest call rates across the border. Least cost routing takes care of cost control to some extent. Service providers will find a white-label offering in VoIP billing precisely what they need since they can add their own brand and even permit to brand their services. Service providers can set rates at a granular level to match whatever services clients choose. Since clients may be in any country it is smart to get the VoIP billing solution provider to include multi-lingual and multi-currency feature along with relevant tax consideration in the software.

Then there are small but significant features such as automatic reminders to postpaid customers and an integrated payment gateway within the solution that will speed up payments and make it very convenient for billed parties to settle outstanding amounts.

Billing can be a source of intelligence. When operations are on a large scale as happens with telecom carriers the billing solution for VoIP services must provide up to the minute information on the current state of calls and revenues being generated, outstanding, usage patterns of customers and other data that the analytics module can deliver at the click of a mouse. Revenues and cash flow are vital and the VoIP billing solution, when chosen right, assure financial health and growth.