Eight Reasons that make FreeSWITCH a Preferred Platform for VoIP Solutions

In the age when business communication is largely driven by VoIP technology worldwide, FreeSWITCH offers a scalable cross-telephony platform for developing customized VoIP solutions. It is designed to link the popular communication protocols and route the audio, video, text, or any other form of media. Freeswitch solutions are like the telephony construction kit, and they can be utilized to develop different enterprise-grade solutions as per the unified communication requirements across various industry sectors.
FreeSWITCH platform is capable of handling thousands of concurrent channels with media on a standard PC. Freeswitch solutions can be used to develop connectivity solutions like conferencing, fax server, hosted PBX, IP-PBX, SBC solutions, and the like.
Apart from all the primary features of VoIP technology, the following features make FreeSWITCH development one of the most preferred choices for developing customized solutions:

  • Compatible with different platforms:

    FreeSWITCH-based software can seamlessly run on numerous platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS/Fedora, or RHEL.

  • Integrated libraries:  

    Freeswitch solutions are designed by using the libraries from several existing software that are already integrated within the Freeswitch platform. It allows only limited functionality in its core, but is scalable and can be used to add virtual functionalities as well.

  • Modular & Flexible architecture: Freeswitch solutions:

    offer flexible architecture. They can be scaled up to handle thousands of phone calls at once. It can be scaled down to work as a simple softphone or as a personal computer.

  • Source code applications:

    FreeSWITCH-based applications can offer a default implementation as PBX or Softswitch. The core libraries of FreeSWITCH can be embedded with practically any app to transform it into a softphone, PBX, conference bridge, or a custom telephony application.

  • Multi-tenancy:

    It is possible to deploy a single server to host multiple separate companies located farther. This enables you to create a bridge between your several offices across different geographies. What’s more, FreeSWITCH is one of the most flexible communication platforms on which new features can be integrated.

  • Configuration: Freeswitch solutions:

    are based upon the XML configuration, which is responsible for automating the tasks. In FreeSWITCH development, deploying the other languages with XML, we add better support for a regular expression and allow more advanced dialplan design and administration features.

  • Support for multiple programming languages:

    While developing solutions in FreeSWITCH, source code can be written in C, Lua, Java, .Net, Python, Perl, Javascript, and other languages.

  • Shared line/bridge appearance:

    With a shared line appearance, Freeswitch solutions allow using a shared number to handle multiple calls on a specific number. It enables multiple lines to respond to multiple calls. It is also called a shared bridge appearance. The feature proved to be very useful in swiftly handle business communications and inquiries.

That’s not all. Other features like detailed CDR, wideband conferencing, serial and parallel hunting, thread isolation, Inband DTMF generation, and detection, etc. also play a vital role in customizing the FreeSWITCH solutions as per the necessities of the corporate clients.

Hire FreeSWITCH developer that can identify your business needs and helps you develop a solution that will suit your business.