Advanced IP PBX Solution: Everything About Ecosmob’s Custom Solution for Businesses and Service Providers

multi-tenant IP PBX solution

A multi-tenant IP PBX solution or an Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange supplies and manages voice communication services.

The primary function of IP PBX is to manage call traffic to and from the business premises and internal communications over the company’s telephone network. A multi-tenant PBX system is a device that exchanges call between VoIP (voice over internet protocol) users and enables users to share multiple phone lines.

Background Of Multi-Tenant IP PBX Software

Multi-Tenant IP PBX Software demand has surpassed PSTN’s ever since its inception. Many industry leaders predict that the rise of WebRTC will increase the usage of IP PBX, and this technology will stay on top in the coming years.

It certainly has evolved from electromechanical PBX to electronic to VoIP-based IP PBX, bringing in its wake more features and facilities at reduced capital expenditure and operational costs. Today IP PBX has more to offer with the advancement from its rudimentary form to a unified communication platform that enables fax, voicemail, instant messaging, and even conference calls and mobility.

Ecosmob’s latest custom IP PBX solution development service raises the bar on customization and technical features. Let’s unveil this as we move ahead with the blog.

Essential Features Of Multi-Tenant IP PBX Solution

The beneficial and most sought-after features of IP PBX are three-way conferencing, call return, call transfer, configurable routing, phone book facility, and others. It also provides music on hold, voice mail, multi-level IVR, and direct inward dialing features.

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How Does It Work?

Multi-Tenant Hosted IP PBX solution and VoIP phone systems refer to a business phone system that transmits voice over IP. The IP PBX server and a proxy server are the same. After signing up with the server, SIP clients request the IP PBX to create the connection when they wish to make phone calls.

Reasons To Switch To A Multi-Tenant PBX

  • Cost-Effective

The affordability of a Multi-Tenant PBX system is one of its key benefits. Because there is less need for on-premises hardware, businesses can save money on maintenance and support costs in addition to licensing payments. It also reduces the need for time-consuming and costly on-site multi-tenant IP PBX monitoring. IP PBX solution development services let the users connect anytime, anywhere, and using any for efficient teamwork and communication.

  • Multi-Tenant Features

IP PBX enhances your customer base globally through multi-tenant features. It has no barriers, and companies across the globe can readily use it.

  • Huge Volume

IP PBX also handles huge call volumes very conveniently without violating VoIP telephony. Multi-Tenant PBX is a reliable solution that works 24/7 providing the best call quality regardless of the load.

Other Advanced Features Multi-Tenant hosted IP PBX Solution

Cutting-Edge Technology

In addition, VoIP solutions can offer cutting-edge technology features that are not available with conventional PBXs and analog phone systems because of the internet’s power. Several instances are:

  • Cost-effective International Calls
  • Contact Center Features
  • Built-In Video Conferencing
  • Call-Routing Technology
  • Enterprise Level Live Chat
  • Auto Attendants

One-Time Investment

Getting a custom IP PBX solution development is like a one-time investment. All you require is IP PBX software to get going. It never deteriorates as hardware does. A business must spend once in IP PBX to enjoy its benefits forever.

Easy To Upgrade

It is effortless to upgrade the existing Multi-Tenant IP PBX Software. When a small or mid-sized business expands and decides that it wants to add more channels or additional capabilities, it is relatively simple to do so. Additionally, business benefits from only paying for the currently needed channels; when demand grows, you can add other channels by paying the additional expenses. Therefore, the business does not need to invest in something they do not now require.

Ecosmob’s Custom IP PBX Solution Development for Businesses and Service Providers: What we offer

Ecosmob offers a Customized IP PBX solution for enterprises with unique requirements.

Ecosmob’s multi-tenant IP PBX solution offers extreme customization that may not be available elsewhere. It offers Freeswitch or Asterisk-based IP PBX development to suit an enterprise’s requirements. An enterprise may need a centralized IP PBX or opt for hosted IP PBX with multi-tenant architecture.

Drilling down, one can opt for customization of various features:

  • Configurable routing rules
  • 3-way conference
  • Call returns and routing
  • Barge in
  • Multi-level interactive voice response
  • Direct inward dialing and custom dialer
  • Gateway or trunk management
  • Multilingual support
  • Intercom dialing
  • Black/white list and virtually any feature
  • Mobility extensions
  • Security and permissions

Apart from offering ease of use and low cost of operation, customization of multi-tenant IP PBX development solution means you have only those features you need with no extra baggage. It reduces the load on infrastructure and CAPEX. For instance, a startup may wish to go for hosted service making use of WebRTC that does away with the need to have IP Phones and routers. Startups enjoy a full-fledged IP PBX without the associated cost, and, in addition, the change of office location does not affect their communication setup.

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Smart Technology Implementation With IP PBX Customization

Ecosmob does it even better in multi-tenant PBX customization with a high level of artificial intelligence and machine learning integration. For instance, an IP PBX can be smart enough to be voice-operated and learn to recognize owners who can initiate a call simply by issuing a voice command. It is like having a secretary to dial for you, and you can conduct hands-free conversations even as you carry out other tasks. ML means the system keeps learning and becomes an expert at dialing and routing calls to the right person. Users benefit, and customers who call have a good experience.

Wrapping Up

Minor elements hold the underlying potential in reality. A feature-rich IP PBX may sound appealing, but you may better appreciate voice clarity on IP networks and the ability to handle any codecs. You may like to receive a call on your mobile through the IP PBX.

At Ecosmob, we provide a custom solution for businesses and service providers with easy to understand interface and smooth navigation features. Connect with us at to get the most out of Multi-Tenant IP PBX Solution.