What Are The Benefits of Retail Class 5 Softswitch Solution Over Hardware

Updated on: 20 Jun, 2023
Retail Class 5 Softswitch

Various carriers and service providers still use hardware class 5 switches to serve the retail segment. Although, these service providers deal with inherently present problems, for example, a lack of scale and income.

The possible solution to this problem is Retail Class 5 Softswitch. i.e., you can reap more significant benefits from switching to software-based solutions the earlier you do so.

What Is Class 5 Softswitch?

The Class 5 Softswitch is one of the softswitches that transport end-to-end VoIP interactions, serve as a controller, and provide a single interface for numerous IP networks. With the help of Class 5 Softswitch software, you may take advantage of new market prospects, which will grow your clientele and revenue.

Retail Class 5 Softswitch Software is an effective platform that enables service providers to deliver high-quality, feature-rich VoIP services to residential and small office customers equipped with IP-enabled devices, including landline phones and adaptors.

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What Are The Drawbacks Of Hardware Class 5 Switch?

In hardware Class 5 Switch, there are significant issues with PSTN connectivity and the ability to handle MF (MultiFrequency), ISUP (Integrated Services User Part), and SIP trunk groups.

Drawbacks of Hardware Class 5 Switch are:

  • Expensive maintenance
  • Finding spares and parts of hardware class 5 Softswitch is complex
  • Scalability is a problem
  • Issues with PSTN connectivity
  • Service providers find hardware class 5 Softswitch more expensive
  • End retail consumers have to pay hefty charges
  • Hardware Class 5 Softswitch are prone to frequent breakdowns
  • Manufacturer-suppliers are phasing out support

Retail Class 5 Softswitch solutions remove all these issues. Apart from doing away with bottlenecks and costs, space required for hardware, and power consumption, the transition to Softswitch brings other benefits.

Benefits of Retail Class 5 Softswitch Solution Over Hardware Class 5 Switch

A retail Class 5 Softswitch Solution has many features that aid productivity and revenue improvement. Have a look at some of the essential components:

  • The Class 5 Softswitch has excellent scalability. As a result, it chiefly manages various business levels for both the residential and business markets.
  • A VoIP class 5 Softswitch software enables over-the-top services and perfectly fits the needs of fixed, convergent, and wireless network operations.
  • It drives revenues with billing automation, call forwarding, extension management, support for multiple tenants, and other features.
  • It integrates all SIP network components for VoIP service providers onto a single platform.
  • Additionally, it offers intelligent call routing, low expenses, and latency while improving VoIP call quality with security features.
  • Class 5 Softswitch software offers unsurpassed quality of service, from call monitoring to billing solutions that account for tax rates, currencies, and tariffs at a granular level.
  • It reduces the likelihood of failures and ensures seamless, uninterrupted service delivery to delight consumers.
  • Furthermore, it provides an admin console, management, and analytics feature for key performance metrics.
  • Above all, VoIP class 5 Softswitch software offers valuable services to increase revenue channels.

How To Switch To Class 5 Softswitch?

Retail Class 5 Softswitch Solution is the future of communication. Here is how you can switch from the existing hardware switch to Class 5 Softswitch.

  • Get tailored class 5 Softswitch with customized technical, language, and billing features. Furthermore, you can learn about the Benefits of the Customized VoIP Softswitch Solution for VoIP Service Providers.
  • Render old redundant hardware to save on power consumption, maintenance costs, and payments to your employees to manage such equipment.
  • Appoint dealers and sub-dealers with the facility to set special billing rates for each invoicing in the currency and language of choice.
  • Most important, get a custom Class 5 Softswitch development to create a unique brand identity for retail.
  • Not to mention, Ecosmob Technologies has expertise and experience providing Custom Class 5 Softswitch solutions.
  • Lastly, get various prepaid and postpaid retail VoIP audio and video call services down to the last link in the chain to the PIN and PINless calling cards.

Wrapping Up

Ecosmob offers comprehensive services that help you do away with legacy hardware switches and transition to retail class 5 Softswitch to take advantage of emerging markets.

Ecosmob’s Class 5 solution offers numerous advantages. For instance, it precisely provides call monitoring to invoicing options that account for tax rates, prices, and tariffs. Indeed, Ecosmob is an industry leader in customized VoIP Solutions. Please email us at sales@ecosmob.com if you want more information about our Custom Class 5 Softswitch development.

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