5 Hottest Mobile App Development Trends Of 2016

2016 was the year of revolution as far as mobile app sector is concerned. All the 4 quarters of the year witnessed a lot of technological advancements which remained beneficial to various business verticals and revolutionized their market growth.

Let us have a look at some best trends of 2016 in the mobile app development sphere:

1. IoT At Its Best
IoT (Internet of Things) was one of the most talked-about technologies in 2016. Although being relatively new to many sectors, IoT has remained at its highest adaptation for several industries. Enterprises related to some particular sectors such as automotive, healthcare and energy have already started experiencing IoT by integrating it with their mobile applications.

2. Cloud-Driven Apps
Cloud-based mobile apps played a huge role, especially in corporate circles due to their potential for cost savings. Cloud has made it possible to access data through the apps and use it to synchronize with required devices. Due to perks such as enhanced security, disaster recovery and improved collaboration, more than 80% of 3000+ businesses in the world are moving towards opting for cloud driven applications.

3. AI (Artificial Intelligence)
An important consideration ‘Machine Learning’ that uses AI for app development, uses algorithms to process information, learn from it and take decisions pertaining to some specific tasks. Many brands and businesses across the globe have used AI this year to develop their apps and know their customers and consumers in the best way.

4. Rise In Enterprise App Development
People have more likely downloaded the Enterprise Apps for their smartphones, which made their work a bit easier. Many CRM (Customer Relationship Management) apps and BM (Business Management) apps have been most downloaded by the audience.

5. Magic Of Wearable Apps
No wonder that wearable devices such as Google Glass and Apple Watch have sustained to be the most favorite among tech-enthus. This craze of wearable smart devices encouraged the businesses this year to develop their own wearable apps that could help them get more fan following.

Thus, the year of 2016 was full of best technological advancements which endowed the app users with an improved experience and businesses with enhanced ROI.

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