Kamailio Telephony Software, That Enhances Your Utilities Very Perfectly

Updated on: 4 Jul, 2023
Kamailio solution

The term “Kamailio” is well-known and commonly used in today’s technocrat world. However, some critical distinctions between Kamailio Solution and other open-source telephony solutions still need to be identified. As a result, let’s examine some key differences between Kamailio Development and other open-source telephony software.

We are aware of the effective term of a Kamailio SIP server. However, it doesn’t act wholly as an Asterisk or else Freeswitch. Kamailio Solution Development is chiefly used in a SIP router. However, the server ropes in various features such as instant messaging and presence.

Kamailio Solution facilitates the development of large VoIP development services and real-time communication platforms. Scaling SIP-to-PSTN gateways and PBX systems is a simple process using the Kamailio technology.

How Kamailio Soultion different from other open-source telephony software?

Regarding scalability, the Kamailio solution can handle some 5000 call setups per second, and its least-cost routing can range to run millions of routing rules. Kamailio has also roped validation to numerous databases and extensions that can be programmed using Perl. There is also a Java API which can make used to extend VoIP development services and incorporate them with Web services. One everyday use case for Kamailio is telephony. However, using Kamailio purposely for messaging and machine-to-machine communication is also straightforward.

When we speak regarding the performances, we signify more than 5000 call setups per second and more than 300,000 SIP phones registered to the same SIP server instance.

It illustrates why Kamailio Solution is frequently used as a load balancer in front of IP PBXs, PSTN gateways, or other media servers.

A quick tour of some factoids and stats related to the Kamailio software development:

  • It is mainly programmed in the C language
  • Mature, entrenched codebase
  • The very vast and active development team
  • It’s always an excellent number of comments
  • Consistent development process
  • 34 active contributors to the board

Some great features of Kamailio VoIP Development:

  • Strong as well as Performance SIP Server
  • Suppleness
  • SIP Routing Capabilities
  • Asynchronous Processing
  • Safe Communication
  • Accounting
  • Rich Communication Services
  • Monitoring as well as Troubleshooting
  • Multiple Database Backends
  • Inter-connectivity

In a nutshell, Kamailio Custom Software Development offers fantastic features and sets an illustration for various types of telephony software. You can also avail of Kamailio Consulting services from Ecosmob to bring the best solution and brainstorming to your business.

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