Improve Customer Management with VoIP and CRM Integration

Improve Customer Management with VoIP and CRM Integration

Ever worked in a team where seven different applications were being used across the team, with no one knowing how to bridge the gap between them. The two most commonly used software in your sales team is your reliable phone system and the CRM software. We all know what a phone system is, but what is a CRM?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is a set of applications and tools that help manage processes associated with custom data and interactions, sales automation, lead tracking, marketing automation, etc. Because there were no automated or computerized means of getting customer data on analog phone systems, the transcribed data from phone systems and the data from CRM software existed in two separate silos.

The arrival of VoIP business solutions changed this completely. Out with the old phone systems and in with more reliable VoIP telephony. It became possible to communicate and collaborate from anywhere, a laptop, a mobile, and even a landline. All you need to ensure is a connection to the internet. The calls could be monitored, recorded, and even analyzed later.

With a VoIP-based solution, it is also possible to have auto-dialers, automated voice messaging, audio and video conferencing, and dynamic IVR. With its wide array of features that make handling sales calls a breeze, VoIP-based calling soon became the lifeline of the sales team. Now that it was possible to do so much with the customer’s voice as data, the question arose: was it possible to add this into a CRM? Could we bring VoIP and CRM together?

According to Nucleus Research, for every dollar that is spent on CRM software, the return is $8.71. With CRM software such as Salesforce being increasingly used by sales teams worldwide, the need of the hour is to integrate that with what sales teams also rely on, their VoIP application. Imagine a click-to-call built into Salesforce with complete support for every feature you are familiar with on your VoIP network. That would be great, wouldn’t it?

The benefits that would come from such integration are many. It will help streamline the customer call center operations and provide marketing, sales and customer care executives a unified view of transactions and interactions with the customer. It would also have a great impact on the profitability and the reputation of the business.

Integrating VoIP and CRM

Integrating your VoIP software with CRM might require effort depending on what kind of VoIP solution is in use. Let us look at the two possibilities that exist in this regard:

For a readymade VoIP application

If your VoIP solution is a third-party application that is not customizable to your needs, you may or may not be able to integrate it with a CRM, depending on its capabilities and which version of the app is in use. There also may be limitations on the number of integrations possible, so you may need to think if CRM integration is a priority or not, which it should be. Also, you would need to check if the VoIP business solution can integrate with the CRM that you have picked. Perhaps it can integrate with another CRM, but not yours.

For a customizable VoIP application

A customizable VoIP application is more likely to integrate with a CRM out of the box. Since it is a customizable VoIP solution, you may need to ask your VoIP solutions provider for clarity on how the CRMs are integrated, how many integrations are possible at a time, and what CRMs are supported. If you feel a lack of visibility about how your VoIP solution will work with your CRM, always feel free to ask for help from your VoIP software development company. Such companies mostly offer 24×7 technical supports by phone. Ecosmob is a customized VoIP application developer. Don’t trust us yet. Take it out for a spin!

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Advantages of VoIP and CRM integration

Allowing VoIP software to work interoperably with your CRM offers several benefits. These range from improving workplace productivity to reducing the complexity of business processes to improving the ROI of the company. Some of them are listed below:

No risk of human error in customer data

The sales team does not need to update customer data, as all of it is received and updated in real-time by the CRM connected to the VoIP system. This allows your sales team time to focus on improving customer interactions and handling calls with greater efficiency. Customer details are now guaranteed to be entered correctly. The integration of VoIP with CRM also ensures that the customer details are automatically updated to the CRM without any need for manual intervention. There is no risk that there will be any human error.

Improved Customer Satisfaction and Personalized Interactions

All employees have easy access to the customer data that is secured over a long period and a large number of calls. This is very comprehensive, but it allows a degree of transparency into the customer’s behavior and preferences. In addition, this allows service teams to have the freedom to position themselves aptly in front of the customer and understand queries in a better manner to provide a more personalized experience. They can tailor their communication to match the tone and urgency of the issue presented by the customer. This boosts customer retention and ensures customer loyalty. But the integration of VoIP and CRM helps the customer service team and the management. The calls can be programmed to route to agents based on experience level after an understanding of how hard or how easy the query is to handle. This is useful when the customer has a very specific query, but the agent who holds it is temporarily unavailable. All of these, taken together, helps to improve customer satisfaction.

Improve your team’s productivity

The integration of VoIP and CRM also makes your employees more efficient and productive. This is because of the speed and ease of handling calls, ensuring no delay in handling customer requests. And if your office has a BYOD policy, then the productivity is amped up even more. This is because all requests and outgoing calls can be made from anywhere. Employees can also collaborate. Both of these points ensure that the team’s overall productivity is improved.

Also, the team works best when the team works as one, united by a single source of truth. That single source of truth combines the CRM and the VoIP system. There are no more duplicate or incomplete customer entries. This ensures that correct resolutions are provided to customers based on a detailed, accurate, and complete understanding of the customer’s issues. Thus the turnaround times for resolutions are reduced, which in turn improves the entire team’s productivity.

Lower business operating costs

Save on time, money, and other resources when you run your business with a bird’s eye view of the KPIs that matter. Customizability will vary from one software to another, but the underlying goal of the CRM is to align with your business goals. This includes profitability, customer success, employee productivity, and so on. There are considerable cost savings from VoIP, and we have already seen how the returns on CRM far exceed the initial investment. This means that scalability is not an issue even for companies venturing out into a new space.

Get a clearer picture of the sales funnel

Monitor calls analytics in real-time with an adequately integrated VoIP and CRM. This will allow sales teams to understand certain aspects of customer behavior and overall call trends from, let’s say, a particular demographic or geography. They can analyze how they responded to challenging calls, what they did right, how soon the resolution was offered on call, how many call attempts it took, etc. By analyzing these metrics, learning what went wrong and implementing what went right, sales teams can contribute to the future growth of the business. Understanding these metrics also helps managers coach their sales executives to perform better at calls and develop a better understanding of each audience segment that they will be talking to.

Improved team management

Thanks to the VoIP CRM integration, managers now have access to metrics that can impact their decisions to ensure their employees’ productivity. Some of these metrics are calls made, calls dropped by the customer, the average duration of calls made to the customer, etc. If there are multidisciplinary teams, then by identifying agents who are performing well in certain aspects of the job better than others, teams can be reshuffled and roles can be exchanged. But such insights are valuable to employees also. These insights will help employees better understand their strengths and weaknesses, and they can be better at what they are doing by making the necessary changes to their work routine.

Marketing and sales teams work together

Finally, if this is not the most important benefit of them all, wonder what is. It gets your marketing and sales teams working together, which does not happen too often but is very important for business growth. Having a centralized repository for all the data related to the customer gives your marketing team greater visibility and your sales team greater control, decisiveness, and actionability. Overall, it creates a work environment where everyone in both teams makes faster and wiser decisions.

VoIP app development is growing swiftly and rightly so. Communication and collaboration constitute the backbone of business growth. If VoIP helps you take corrective measures, integrating a CRM with a VoIP system will give you an analysis of customer sentiment and data, paving the way for you to take preventive measures. But such sentiment analysis is not easy to implement with limited data. The power of AI makes up for the lack of data by making intelligent predictions with the available data. Despite all the variables, one thing is for sure. Where the technologies of CRM, AI and ML, and VoIP meet, at that junction, you will find a happy customer.

Ecosmob has been at the forefront of such development for a long time and has garnered its share of insights and learning, propelling it to repute among VoIP solution providers. It has served several outstanding customers in the VoIP space and continues to do so. If you are looking to integrate your CRM and VoIP solution, and need your VoIP designed front the ground up to allow you to do so, look no further. Ecosmob’s VoIP solutions are compliant with every standard, allow room for customization, and can be designed to integrate with the CRM of your choice. Are you picking Hubspot over Salesforce? Want a customizable workflow? Not a problem. Make the impossible possible with VoIP business solutions from Ecosmob.

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