A Comprehensive Guide To VoIP Integrations For Businesses

Updated on: 14 Mar, 2023
Guide To VoIP Integrations For Businesses

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one of the most popular technologies for business communications. There has been an ongoing increase in VoIP integrations and adoption rates by businesses of all segments.

According to the Research and Markets report, the value of VoIP services for Global VoIP growth between 2021 and 2026 should reach $102.5 billion by 2026.

If you are a VoIP service provider or a business with VoIP solutions, you already know how competitive the business communication industry is. We understand how important it is to upgrade your existing system to stay competitive in the market.  This guide will discuss all VoIP integrations you should consider to future-proof your business and boost work productivity.

What Is a VoIP Integration?

VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, is a technology that enables communication over the internet. Any electronic device with an internet connection can transmit voice over the internet with a VoIP infrastructure, including PCs, smartphones, tablets, and even classic landlines. The VoIP system rapidly and easily connects with cloud-based phone systems and other software applications to provide a flexible yet complete software ecosystem.

Old telephone systems, or analog phones, can’t interact with other business apps independently. They limit their network in addition to the problems with wait times and manual note-taking. One can only access customer account information through a different system.

Users can switch between tools and sync data thanks to VoIP integrations. With the help of this technology, businesses may benefit from a wide range of practical features that reduce the drawbacks of manual operations.

Why Your Business Needs VoIP Integration?

The person you spoke to most likely used a system with VoIP integrations. If you’ve ever conducted business over the phone with a company, they were quick to pull up your account, address all of your queries, and find a solution without putting you on wait or having to call you back. Customers may need help understanding how the entire process works on the other end because it is intuitive for the employees and effortless for them. The only thing they are aware of is that they had an unmatched customer experience.

VoIP integrations are advantageous for both customers and staff and the business.

The following are some advantages of VoIP system integrations for staff members:

  • allows for multitasking
  • improves effectiveness
  • They can use, access, and share data.

Businesses also gain the following advantages from VoIP integrations:

  • Remote system access is available to employees.
  • allows for the formation of distributed teams or remote teams
  • simplifies the communications procedure
  • Developed for usage in call centers
  • Cloud-based setup and updating are simple and more affordable than analog systems
  • There is no restriction on how many software programs you can add.
  • simple to scale
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Top 5 VoIP Integrations For Your Business

Today’s businesses utilize various business tools, so it’s critical to have an integration-ready VoIP software development to eliminate data silos and create a unified platform for all data points.

The following are some crucial VoIP connectors that might speed up your business processes:

Calendar Integration

Integrating your calendar is an intelligent method to prevent scheduling conflicts. To avoid duplicate calendar entries, you can have two different apps sync.

For instance, Google Calendar integration can help sales teams synchronize agent schedules.

In this manner, the sales team manager may track how many client meetings take place each day and set up team meetings during times when everyone is available.

CRM Integration With VoIP

Integration of CRM software can assist you in centralizing, synchronizing, and analyzing client data.

Marketing, sales, and customer support teams can use VoIP CRM integration to comprehend and have a unified perspective of the customer experience.

For instance, Novocall interfaces with Hubspot and Salesforce, two of the most widely used CRM systems.

Connect your leads and automatically create contacts using VoIP CRM integration. Additionally, you can log call activities, obtain call recordings, track outbound call attempts, and log call activities.

Thanks to the Salesforce CRM interface, you may establish custom filters on the Salesforce platform and receive fast notifications of any new leads that come through Novocall.

Social Media Integration

You’ll be able to connect with and engage your online audience with the help of social media integrations. After all, most clients in today’s technologically advanced world use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Because of this, businesses should make offering social media customer service a top priority.

Analytics Integration

Better insights into client behavior may be obtained through VoIP integrations with analytics tools. The appropriate data insights can assist in enhancing your company’s product or service offerings, which could lead to higher sales revenue. To integrate with, consider the following helpful data and analytics tools:

  • Google Analytics: To monitor website traffic and spot trends and usage patterns.
  • Google AdWords: To make sure that your marketing initiatives online-to-offline attribution flows easily.

To track callback conversions that resulted from your Facebook ads, use the Facebook Pixel.

Integration With Online Teamwork Tools

Teams from many departments use online collaboration tools with VoIP systems for instant messaging, file sharing, and hassle-free project management.

Incorporating your VoIP phone system with the team collaboration program your team is currently using is a good idea.

Two of the top applications for increasing productivity and teamwork at work are listed below:

Integration with Slack: Instantly send automated activity notifications to the workspace and channel you specify.

Google Teams: Get real-time notifications about your calls, messages, and schedules.

Wrapping Up

Utilizing VoIP integrations with your cloud-based or alternative phone system is the best approach to realize the full potential of your communication system. It creates a unified, all-encompassing ecosystem where call agents, customer support agents, and salespeople can access the appropriate tools.

When your consumers learn they don’t have to wait on hold and can immediately obtain the assistance they require, they will be pleasantly surprised. The benefits of providing a positive client experience include increased branding, recurring business, and referrals.

You can streamline your communication procedures, and call data can be automatically collected with the correct phone system and integrations. It is crucial because your work doesn’t stop when your calls do. The appropriate information is critical in determining your existing and future needs in the market today. Using VoIP software development will make it easier for you to be innovative and forward-thinking.

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