Ecosmob Technologies Flashback: 2015 Year In Review

Updated on: 7 Mar, 2023
Ecosmob Technologies Flashback

The whole year, 2015, just flew in a flash. It has gifted so many precious moments and memories to us which we might cherish for lifetime. We, Ecosmobians, are really serious about our work, but we give same serious attitude to have zeal and zest. In the past year, we earned many new, exciting and innovative projects. At the same time we really had a fun time with our fellow Ecosmobians. Today, I am gonna share the occasions we lived up to beyond our work life. 🙂 Let’s reminiscence the 2015.

Theme Based Christmas Celebration

We kept red and white theme with the Santa cap. The Ecosmobians participated ardently in the Red and White Day and the Christmas spirit.

Debuted in Socio Cricket League 2015

Our cricketers debuted in the local cricket league and you gotta believe me they really worked hard to make it part of this list. I mean waking up early every day for practice in the winter mornings and playing the match against cricket veterans in the chilling nights is not cup of tea for everyone. 🙂

Shifted To New Office & Of course Had Party

We shifted to bigger and better office this year as we grew exceptionally well and still growing. The new office has many new amenities and cool infrastructure. We didn’t let this occasion go just like that and went for a delicious team lunch to add one more memory in our life book.

We EcoFested Hard

EcoFest is like a festive season for Ecosmobians with almost 2-4 months long chain of celebrations of our annual anniversary. We play, network, make new friends, learn, lose, win, giggle, jingle and do much more in the Ecofest. We have done the same this time! Had Excellent Time.

Left Mark in International Events

However, this is a serious work we did and not a fun time as I mentioned at the commencement. This is something must be part of this story as I personally proud of the teamwork and performance, which gained us so much fame on an international platform. Moreover, I would like to utter words of gratitude to the management who given the opportunity to my fellow Ecosmobians to be part of it and shine on the global platform. We had some abroad business trips, namely, US Trip, Indo Africa ICT Expo 2015, Trip to Mexico at Client Premises.

Chess Tournament

We had a serious chess tournament with a lot of fun. I must mention that a few Ecosmobians used an extraordinary logic to beat the veterans. They won it like making a history.

Driven By Cleanliness Drive

We are not only Tech guys or youth looking only for a fun time, but also the cohort of responsible citizens. We took the responsibility of being part of the “Clean India Drive” aka “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” started by the Prime Minister of India. We cleaned the roads, streets, grounds; We painted the walls, road bumps, and maybe a few hearts to keep the surroundings clean.

CSR Activities

We believe in the art of giving and to live up to it. We took active participation in the Corporate Social Responsibility Drive. We conducted Blood Donation Camp, spent time at old age home, took underprivileged kids for a one day trip & also participated in a charity stall for them. Personally, the most touching CSR activity for me was the time I spent at old age home.

Fuh, just like this Blog the year just flew away by leaving a sweet smile on our faces. 🙂