Ecosmob Machine Learning Development Services to Help Businesses Evolve

Updated on: 31 Oct, 2022

Businesses invest substantial amounts in IT. The goal is to evolve and go one up on the competition in all areas. Unfortunately, even the best software is dumb and can only carry out tasks for which it is programmed. It is left to humans to interpret data and then refine the programs to make the software function better but that requires a lot of effort and expense. Artificial intelligence and machine learning change the situation. Ecosmob leads the change with its machine learning development services that help software to evolve and thereby help businesses evolve in all areas of operation.

Expertise in tools and algorithms for machine learning development

Ecosmob team possesses unquestioned expertise in various types of machine learning development such as supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning. The most common algorithms used are linear regression, logistic regression, decision tree, SVM, Gradient boosting and others. Further, the team has extensive experience and practiced expertise in Tensor Flow, KNIME and Azure Studio. This combination gives it the capability to apply machine learning development to various business processes and help its enterprise clients rise above the competition.


Businesses must optimize ad spends and implement strategically smart marketing policies to capture leads. Machine learning implementation in handling streaming unstructured data in real-time leads to the gathering of up to the minute information, predictive intelligence and forecasting analysis as well as customer behavior and churn possibilities. Sales and marketing departments do not have to rely on historical data but get to know what is happening with customers and their behaviors. The marketing machine becomes smarter as you go along since machine learning service helps the software to learn and refine.


Employees spend a major part of their time in routine tasks and have little energy or time to spare for innovative work. Engage machine learning development services to automate most tasks such as data entry and assessments and you free up your employees to focus on innovations. Further, machine learning and AI combination serve up data that helps them to make better-informed decisions. Apply machine learning and automation to your production processes and you have a smart system with predictive maintenance features. Timely alerts and maintenance reduce downtime and associated costs.


Even the best security cannot keep your IT infrastructure fully secured. However, when you have machine learning services developers put in place algorithms and systems that can learn from past behaviors, detect anomalies and keep watch to identify newer threats your security level improves. Security teams do not have to keep a constant watch. ML endowed systems do it and detect irregularities in time to help security staff take preventive action to ward off attacks. This is particularly important when you consider ransomware and the threat it poses.

Serving customers

Managers know full well that a loyal customer generates more revenues at lower expenditures. How to keep customers loyal with superior, timely service is an issue that becomes easier to handle when you have machine learning incorporated into customer services and your CRM. Your customer service system learns, anticipates and then predicts behaviors of customers besides automating some part of services. The result is better satisfaction and retention rate.

There are other areas such as image recognition, in human-machine collaboration and real-time language translation where ML services can play a significant role in bringing about improvements. As said above ML endowed infrastructure keeps getting smarter with time. Ecosmob helps enterprises become smarter, more productive and go a step ahead of their competition with their machine learning development services.