Businesses Should Seriously Consider WebRTC Client Solution

Updated on: 25 Nov, 2022

VoIP revolutionized communication. However, as recent developments show, it is not the be all and end all of communication. WebRTC does to VoIP what VoIP did to PSTN. PSTN needed a complex set of hardware and cabling and restricted communication to only voice. VoIP changed that by doing away with the need for cables and dedicated hardware but did require SIP trunking and IP enabled phones. WebRTC goes beyond in enabling communication using a web browser that can work on a desktop or a mobile device and serve as a unified communication channel. In fact, a business of any size should give serious consideration to a WebRTC client solution because it can help them in different ways.

VoIP does require a VoIP end point but it does more than VoIP communication can achieve. One can engage in person to person audio and video calls and start conference calls as well as invite persons during the call and the called person does not need to install any software – he just uses the browser on his desktop or mobile to join in. It is possible to share screens, give a presentation and also share files and data during the ongoing conference using the right custom WebRTC client solution. How smoothly it functions over varying bandwidths depends on how well the webRTC development factors in various protocols and allows for audio clarity and continuity in video streams. This is where expertise of the WebRTC developer shows through. Apart from providing a unified communication channel and expanding possibilities, WebRTC also has other benefits such as elimination of IP phones and some hardware in the chain thereby saving costs and eliminating maintenance. Besides, when one has a mobile workforce this solution is just perfect for use on smartphones and when one wishes to carry on a conference with vendors or even clients, it is easy to do so. A browser is all that is needed to initiate or join in an audio or video conference. Why custom WebRTC solution and not something like skype or whatsapp? The answer is security and personalization of unified communications, which is what WebRTC specialist developers offer.

It is not just end user enterprises that benefit by WebRTC implementations. Custom WebRTC development for VoIP services and telecom carriers helps them to generate additional revenues without additional investment in SIP gateways or other complex hardware architectures. In either case, a hosted WebRTC solution is perfect in that total support is available along with regular upgrades on reasonable monthly subscriptions.