How Your Business Can Benefit from YII Development?

Updated on: 7 Mar, 2023
YII Development

A wonderful resource for designing a variety of web applications, YII is a website development framework that works on PHP 5. YII is one of the most preferred frameworks, when it comes to developing the versatile business applications. Even if YII is a new player in the web development era, it is gaining immense popularity among the developers due to its cutting-edge technology and robust features. Furthermore, its cost effectiveness is what makes it favorite for every sized business as well.

Let’s have a deep look into how you can benefit from YII development for your business:

Highly secure for your business:

‘Your website is hacked’ is one of the worst news you would ever hear as an entrepreneur. But with YII, you need not to worry about your website’s security and safety. Its inherently built security features such as XSS, SQL integration, cookie attach prevention,cross site scripting, etc. keep your site safe from nasty viruses and malicious codes.

Cost effectiveness:

As this framework comes with a multitude of automation services, it automatically reduces the requirement of manpower. Hence, you can save a lot of bucks in terms of hiring resources. This money can be utilized in some other developmental things and you can earn a very good return on your investments.

Social media friendly:

In today’s highly digital world, it has become essential for every business to become digitally strong and social media is one of its unavoidable parts. YII framework provides an easy access to APIs that allow a seamless integration of various social media modules into your website and from there, you can easily direct the visitors to your social media channels.

Abundant extensions:

YII comes with a plenty of extensions that add value to its features. These extensions reduce the testing time and hence, it omits the need of checking each and every code. This way, it helps augment the development process by reducing the testing time.

Apart from this, YII framework can also give your website easy configuration, efficient caching system and much more. If you go with YII development, your business is going to grow on a large scale, certainly!

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