How Node.js Is Leading The Web and Mobile Era?

Updated on: 6 Mar, 2023
What is it? An IT jargon brought from the mound of numerous others?


It’s a very versatile programming language, gaining a lot of traction these days!

In the web development world, Node.js is known for its adaptability, efficiency and speed. Among the developers, it is also famous as a lightweight programming language. It fosters the developers with an opportunity to write their own frameworks and build outstanding websites and online stores. It powers a variety of websites right from a small-scale business to a large-scale enterprise.

Node.js allows the developers to write JavaScript on both the sides – server side and the client side. This means that the similar patterns and sometimes, the same libraries can be used for the development of both – frontend and backend. This facility comes to a great use when the productivity, time and maintenance are concerned.

We, as a leading Node.js development service provider, would like to let you know three main reasons why Node.js is leading the herd in the age of web and mobile app development!

Because Node.js is politically neutral language!

While the irrational debates and stubborn observance are happening for the better of these two – Java and .Net, node.js comes the first by leaving both of them behind! It has been widely gaining acceptance among the developers all over the world because this lightweight language is easily understandable by Java and .Net developers, both. It is easy for them to deploy Node.js on Windows and Unix infrastructures!

Because Node.js offers non-blocking I/O API and excellent speed!

Before the development of this language, concurrency was difficult in various server-side programming languages which ultimately lead to deprived performance. Node.js was then, needed to be developed. It offers an event driven architecture and a non-blocking I/O API which optimizes the application’s scalability. It uses an event loop rather than threads or processes to scale.

Because it is ready to deploy for the enterprise!

Node.js caters a varied range of tech community since it holds a good reputation as a secure, scalable and easy-to-learn language. For a web or mobile app developer, it is not that hard to pick up the JavaScript and quickly turn to productive with it. Many renowned enterprises across the globe are therefore using Node.js, which include Netflix, New York Times, LinkedIn and PayPal.

Our Node.js development services include everything right from sketching a prototype for the clients to delivering them a good business. So if you wish us to develop a website or a mobile app, we are glad to serve you our Node.js services! Drop us a line here!

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