Responsive Website Design And Development – A Buzz Around Enterprises

Updated on: 7 Mar, 2023

Responsive web design & Development In this era of technology, one of the newest concepts, making its niche is Responsive Web Design and Development, this all new strategy helps navigate websites easier than before. Since the usage of tablet and smart phones has been rapidly increasing, the importance of mobile-friendly websites has also been elevated. One of the surveys talks about the internet usage of smart phones over desktop in 2014, according to this survey, there are 77% smart phone users. So, this assures that mobile search will overhaul desktop search at some point of time in the near future. Developing responsive website is not just about two-way conversations with brands, it is an experience driven strategy that facilitates online businesses.

Responsive website designs are a wake-up call for numerous companies today, especially to those which rely on the same websites for several years with long-blog posts, heavy content pages and other relics, which are now considered as “chopping blocks”! How would you feel if your websites appear distorted when opened on mobiles. It will definitely irritate the visitors, ultimately they might get disappointed. This is where responsive website design/development comes into the picture. The basic concept is that, websites respond to the screen size of any device it has been opened on!

Knowing this much would not suffice, so let’s have a glimpse on key benefits, you can reap from it.

  • You don’t have the need to get websites again created for mobile phone viewership.
  • It allows the resizing of attributes of the websites such as images and text.
  • Websites look fresh and modern, thus creates a positive impression.
  • It is a cost effective/affordable way of developing websites.
  • You can have a very positive response towards SEO campaigns.

Three factors essential here are, great first impression, user experience and visitor retention, so as to attain this, you should Go Responsive!