Artificial Intelligence Development Trends for 2019

artificial intelligence development trends

John McCarthy and others set the Artificial Intelligence ball rolling sometime back in 1955. In recent times AI has been gathering steam with better hardware, more implementations across various segments, better tools like Tensorflow and smarter developers. These portend well for the future. A peek into what 2019 is likely to hold for AI trends in various sectors.


Some may view chatbots and virtual agents as a nuisance on a webpage but they are definitely going to increase in number. Enterprises realize the value of intelligent virtual agents that can engage customers until they are ready to be handled by human agents.

Ecommerce is, of course, going for artificial intelligence development in a big way by zeroing in on customer behaviors and targeting individual buyers with custom offers besides keeping track of a host of other things like inventory.

Speech and image recognition technologies are likely to be boosted by AI implemented by artificial intelligence services that will help manufacturers of office and home equipment respond to voice commands. Image recognition with AI is likely to help healthcare deliver better diagnosis and finance organizations to carry out verifications and payments with better security and precision.

Cybersecurity is likely to improve as AI will be better able to detect anomalies and recommend measures before threats turn into devastating actions.

Database architectures are likely to be remodeled to be in consonance with AI requirements of machine learning and deep learning. Knowledge engineering, machine learning and analytics will drive better decision-making processes and derive insights humans could not.

AI may replace routine tasks and help enterprises utilize human workforce for more productive tasks.


While driverless cars are still miles away, automakers are including more of AI into automotive engineering. This could result in cars that have the ability to detect if a driver is losing focus and alert him, guide him about driving, detect his emotion, issue warnings and even control engine performance. You could know about a likely breakdown and take action and thus prevent being stranded on the road with a breakdown. Specialists in artificial intelligence solution development are likely to be in great demand with automakers. IoT will be synergized by AI and it will also drive AI developments, not only in automobiles but also in industry and commercial spaces.


AI is likely to power VoIP technologies and makes its presence felt in IP PBX systems, call center solutions and enterprise communications. Imagine having a virtual assistant make and receive calls, track customers, initiate reminders and maintain a watch over various channels of communications.


Defense is one area where artificial intelligence developers are likely to work their magic. From robotic submarine systems to simulations, missile guidance, early warning systems and actual warfare, AI is going to be a multi-million business opportunity for governments and AI developers.

It will be a smarter world and humans may have to work harder rather than expect AI to do everything and let them sit back.