10 Reasons Why Flutter is Good for App Development

Updated on: 24 Nov, 2022
Flutter App Development

Flutter is one of the most popular mobile development frameworks used by developers worldwide. It comprises all the essential elements, including cross-platform and native development models required to build high-performing and feature-rich applications in minimal time. These days, many businesses look for flutter mobile app development companies for their mobile app development projects that can help them attract a huge base of target customers. According to the report by Tim Sneath (product manager of Flutter and Dart at Google), it is stated that more than 2 million developers have been using the Flutter framework since its release. Another report by Statista suggests that Flutter is the second most popular cross-platform mobile framework used by developers worldwide.

Brief About Flutter

Introduced in the year 2017, Flutter is an open-source mobile UI framework created by Google. The framework allows developers to create native mobile applications using only one codebase. It further allows developers to create two different applications (for Android and iOS) with one codebase. Flutter mainly consists of:

  • An SDK (Software Development Kit): As the name suggests, SDK is a collection of tools used to develop applications. It also includes compiling the code into native machine code (for Android and iOS applications).
  • A Framework: Framework, also known as UI (User Interface) library based on widgets, is a collection of reusable UI elements that can perform personalization as per requirements. 

In addition, for developing apps using Flutter, the Dart programming language is used. The language largely focuses on front-end development, thus ideal for developing web and mobile applications. 

Reasons to Choose Flutter For Mobile Applications

There are so many reasons that make Flutter one of the top choices for developing mobile applications. Some of the top-notch reasons are mentioned below:

  1. It is Open-Source

    As already mentioned above, Flutter is an open-source framework developed by Google. It has numerous open developer forums where programmers can easily ask about their issues and access documentation. These forums help Flutter developers to learn and try various development tactics to grow with the evolving population of developers who actively contribute to the platform. All this helps developers to save time as well as cost while improving their efficiency and productivity. 

  2. It Facilitates Single Codebase

    Flutter is a cross-platform framework that lets developers write code only once and utilize that code on various platforms. It means that with a single code base, an application can run on both Android and iOS platforms. This eliminates the requirement for writing separate codes for different platforms, thereby helping in saving a lot of time, cost, and effort in writing codes.

  3. Provide Hot Reload and Development Feature

    Flutter comprises hot reload and development features. This unique feature allows developers to see the changes immediately that are made to the code. Within seconds, both developers and designers will get the updates, if any. It means that designers and developers are not required to waste their time waiting for the updates. They can continue to perform their work to develop features using the framework without any disturbance. This helps in improving the productivity of the developer and also reduces the time to develop an application. 

  4. Deliver Performance Similar to Native Apps

    If you plan to hire a flutter app developer to develop an app on Flutter, you are perhaps making the right decision. An expert can perform quick execution of the project on any platform with full precision. An expert developer knows how to use the Dart programming language to its full potential to achieve the best possible results. Besides, Dart itself is simple, fast, and can be compiled easily into native code. It helps developers to create applications that look and feel like native applications. 

  5. Offers Customizable Widgets

    Flutter offers an array of customizable widgets to help developers create unique applications. Even developers can build their own widgets based on the application development requirements. All the widgets used in developing an app are blended to create a User Interface. Customization helps to make the entire process easier and faster. Developers can even cover one widget inside another to facilitate different functions.

  6. Uses Dart as Programming Language

    The applications created in Flutter make use of Dart as the programming language. It is an object-oriented language that comprises assorted attractive features, including garbage collection, making apps more functional and unique. Besides, it also comes with an advanced library, generics, and strong typing. In all, it comprises everything that is required to make a perfect mobile application.

  7. It Provides Support for Various IDEs

    Flutter is one such platform that provides better support for numerous IDEs (Integrated Development Environments), including VS (Visual Studio) code, Android studio, IntelliJ Idea, Emac, Codemagic, and more. IDEs, also known as editors, are software programs that let users build and edit text files easily and efficiently. These editors are generally the source code editors with various exceptional features for creating and editing code. All these popular IDEs for Flutter give effective support for the Flutter application development process.

  8. Allows Creating Different Types of Apps

    Another key reason most businesses and developers like Flutter over other frameworks is that it allows developers to create highly attractive mobile, desktop, and web-based applications. Since Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit, it allows programmers to create natively compiled, highly attractive, and functional applications for mobile, desktop, web, and other embedded devices from a single codebase.

  9. It Exhibits Great design experience

    Using Flutter, developers can build various applications in unique and attractive themes for Android and iOS platforms. Different designs, colors, fonts styles can deliver the best design experience to the users. Due to its ability to provide impressive UIs has become a preferred choice of many businesses and developers worldwide.

  10. It Provides Easy Scope For Animations

    Animation is essential to augment the user’s experience and make the entire application more interactive and appealing. Even with the help of small code, developers can easily add expressive animations to the app. Flutter even provides the flexibility of API for implementing the animations as per the business requirements. 


With each passing day, mobile applications are gaining more and more popularity. Among numerous programming tools available for developers, Flutter is one of the top-notch choices for building the best, feature-rich, and highly functional mobile applications. As far as cost is concerned, the Flutter app development usually depends on the app design, complexity, category, maintenance requirement, etc.

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