Wholesale Class 4 SoftSWITCH

Wholesale Class 4 Softswitch - Get Highly Scalable Wholesale Softswitch Solution For Your Business

Wholesale Class 4 Softswitch works as a central office telephone exchange to interconnect local carrier office for long-distance communication. It’s an innovative and cost-effective solution to manage a large volume of long-distance calls from one country to another. The Wholesale Softswitch Solution is unique to manage conversion, billing transcoding, protocol support, an average time of one call routing, numbers of concurrent calls, etc.

Ecosmob offers highly scalable wholesale Class 4 Softswitch solutions to expand your business with an inventive approach. A Class 4 Softswitch supports complex routing tables, hence, VoIP traffic can be sent to the best available route in real-time.

Key Features - Wholesale Class 4 SoftSwitch At Glance

Protocol support and conversion
Calls per second rate
Average time of one call routing

Number of concurrent calls
Flexible UI (user interface)
Intelligent call routing

Billing interface including CDR
Secured firewall
Filtered third-party routing engine

Generate Reports of Calls (Inbound/Outbound/Unauthorized)

Active Call Report

WLR Customers

Why Choose Wholesale Class 4 SoftSwitch Solution From Ecosmob?

Provides end-to-end solution with a modular structure

User-friendly Web Interface

Multi-level safety mechanism

Powerful security mechanism


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